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The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route , Japan 2017

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The Tateyama Kurobe Alphine Map
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The Tateyama Kurobe Alphine Route
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The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Pass - Y9,000

Day 3 Takayama > Alpine Route (84km) > Tateyama (36km) > Matsumoto (70km)  

1) English Buffet Breakfast in Hida Plaza Hotel, Takayama - our first western breakfast meal in Japan !

2) Chinese set lunch but served in Japanese style at a Chinese Restaurant in  Tateyama before visiting the Alpine route

3) Super high quality beef pre-ordered (recommended by our Japanese Tour Guide) by our tour members who enjoy eating beef steak; specially cooked for you by a kitchen chef at the Chinese Restaurant - a 200 gram well marinated cooked beef costs Y10,000 (Rm408) ! At this price, the beef must be super tasty !

4) A Japanese garden within walking distance from the Chinese Restaurant in Tateyama - a quick 5 minutes stroll at the garden after a delicious Chinese lunch !

5)  Highway Rest & Recreation Stop in Tateyama 

6) The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is known as the "Roof of Japan". The route passes through the dynamic scenery of Mt Tateyama in the Japan Alps. It is traversed using a variety of vehicles with an elevation change of 2,400 meters from Toyama Prefecture to Nagano Prefecture.

7) Tateyama Cable Rail Car station - front entrance

8) Day temperature recorded (23/4/2017) at the Snow Wall (2390) is -3c, Kurobe Dam (1454m) is 11.3c & Midagahara (1930m) is 3.7c

9) Tateyama Station (475m) > Bijodaira (975m) & by Cable Car

10) Biijo-Daira (977m) > Murodo (2,450m) by Highland Bus

11) Murodo > Daikanbo (2316m) by Tunnel Trolley Bus

12) Daikanbo (2316m) - outstanding view from the second floor observation deck atop the station. You will see a panoramic view of snow peaks & stunning view of Lake Kurobe

13) Daikanbo > Kurobedaira (1,828m) by Ropeway - it is a National Park

Daikanbo (2316m) > Kurobedaira (1828m) by Ropeway (7 mins)

14) Lake Kurobe - enjoy panoramic views of the Alpine mountains, you may stroll along the Kurobe dam

Lake Kurobe Cable Car Station

Lake Kurobe is partially frozen in April

15) Kurobe Dam (1450m) - it is the highest arc dam in Japan. The Lake behind the dam holds 200 million cubic meters of water. The dam is 186m high and 10 cubic meters of water passes through the dam every second generating one billion kwh per year ( operating from late June to mid-Oct )  

16) Kurobe Dam > Ogisawa by Trolley Bus (16 mins) > Matsumoto by Parlo Tour Bus

17) Tokyu Rei Hotel, 1-3-21, Fukashi, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano - Online Agoda booking (April 2017) indicative room tariff Rm357 = US$81 for a twin bed room

18) Japanese set dinner at Tokyu Rei Hotel, Matsumoto

DIY (Do It Yourself ) free & easy to the Tateyema Kurobe Alpine Route from Tokyo to Nagano and ends at Tayama Station
1) Buy a JR Hokuriku Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Nagano (2.5hrs)
2) Buy a Tateyama Kurobe Option Pass for Y9,000 (Rm367=US$83) starting from Nagano / Shinano-Omachi station to Dentetsu-Toyama station

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