Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Malaysia (Pahang & Selangor ) 2017

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Map of Pahang State, Peninsula Malaysia

Cuti Cuti (Vacation) Malaysia - my overnight trip from Subang Jaya to Bukit Tinggi, Sempalit, Sungei Ruang & Raub Pahang - Monday 6 March 2017

One of my travel buddies, Hui is currently managing a durian farm project in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang (near Genting Highlands Resort) since Feb 2017. This farm property which was owned by Hui's auntie has been left unattended for quite sometimes, so Hui decided to take on the challenge of  turning the farm productive during the next 2-3 years !  Because of this new challenges, Hui was not able to join our South Thailand & Laos visit this year ! 

Due the close proximity between Kuala Lumpur & Bukit Tinggi (45mins drive), our group members took the opportunity to visit Hui ( overnight stay) once a month or fortnight. When in Bukit Tinggi, our group was able to visit a few surrounding towns & Chinese villages in Pahang ie Bentong, Sempalit, Sungei Ruan, Bukit Koman & Raub etc. 

Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

Sempalit, Pahang

Sungei Ruan, Pahang

Raub, Pahang

Happy hours in Selangor, Malaysia - 2017

1) Dinner with my younger son, Wen Bin / friend at Fong Lye Taiwan Fusion Cuisine Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall - Saturday 17th June 2017

2) Dinner with my brother Hong from Singapore at Putien Restaurant, Subang Jaya - Selangor 5th May 2017

3) Lunch with my wife at Simple Life Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall - 1st April 2017

4) Celebrating my mother-in-law's 85th birthday at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant in USJ, Subang Jaya, Selangor - 7th Jan 2017