Monday, November 12, 2018

Turkey (Istanbul, Bolu, Ankara, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Kusadasi, Pergamon & Canakkale) Nov 2018

A charming alley in Istikial Street / Taksim Square, Istanbul
The Spice Market - Istanbul
Turkey Delight ! Tourists Delight ! Any Durian flavor ? 

" My Cuti Cuti (Vacation), Jalan Jalan (Walkabout) & Makan Makan (Eating) 11 days 8 Nights package tour to Turkey organized by SA America Travel Corporation Sdn Bhd from 1st to 11th Nov 2018 - accompanying my wife, brother in law & spouse to this Eurasia country located in Eastern Europe & Western Asia - my last backpacking visit to Turkey combining Syria, Jordan & Egypt was in 2008 " 

Weather in Turkey in November 1-11 2018: 
Istanbul 14c - 20c (sunny)
Bolu 5c - 23c (sunny)
Cappadocia 2c - 18c (sunny)
Pamukkale 6c - 23c (sunny)
Kusadasi 12c - 12c (sunny)
Canakkale 9c - 19c (rain) 

Total expenses incurred: Rm4,953(US$1,190)
Package tour price: Rm4,669 (food, hotels & transport all included)
Travel Insurance: Rm84
Sundries: Rm200
Exchange rate: Rm1=12.2litra; Litra$1=Rm82; US$1=Rm4.16
Turkish Airline flight details:
Kuala Lumpur > Istanbul 23.40 > 06.20
Istanbul > Kuala Lumpur 01.45 > 17.15
Hotel accommodations (4-5 stars) :
1) Buyuk Abant Otel, Bolu
2) Queen's Cave Hotel, Cappadocia (2 nights)
3) Pam Thermal Hotel, Pamukkale
4) Grand Belish Hotel, Kusadasi
5) Kolin Hotel, Canakkale
6) Tyrp By Whynham Airport, Istanbul (2 nights)

Attended the MATTA Fair in March 2018 at Putra World Trade Centre - visited the Sri America Travel Corporation exhibition booth & the Turkish Tourism Booth; booked a fully escorted 11 days 8 nights package tour (Rm4,669=US$1,125 excluding travel insurance) to Turkey for an early Nov 2018 visit. 

Sri America Travel Corporation Sdn Bhd, Wisma SA, 12 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel +603-21429155  Website:

Special Experiences for this Turkey tour:

- Bosphorus cruise, Istanbul's waterway dividing Europe & Asia
- Savour famous Turkish "kebab"
- Visit Hagia Sophia - a former Greek Orthodox Patriarchal basilica, later an imperial mosque, now a museum in Istanbul 

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Travel Itinerary: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Turkey Airlines) > Istanbul, Turkey > Bolu > Ankara > Cappadocia > Pamukkale > Kusadasi > Pergamon > Canakkale > Istanbul > Kuala Lumpur. 

1) Istanbul > Bolu  - 225km
2) Bolu > Ankara   - 188km
3) Ankara > Cappadocia  - 283km
4) Cappadocia > Pamukkale - 530km
5) Pamukkale > Kusadasi   - 191km
6) Kusadasi > Pergamon  - 196km
7) Pergamon > Canakkale  - 213km
8) Canakkale > Istanbul   - 314km
Total = approx. 2,140km (round trip)

Sri America's group of 24 tour members to Turkey (1-11/11/2018) - led by SA Tour Manager, M/s Wenny & local tour guide, Mr Ozan.

A show of unity & discipline - this group photo was very well taken ! 

Wenny, SA Tour Manager & Mr Ozard, our professional tour guide from Turkey

Turkey currently has 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites. For this 11 day tour package, our group had the opportunity to visit 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites :
- Historic Area of Istanbul
- Goreme National Park & the Rock sites of Cappadocia 
- Hierapolis - Pamukkale
- Ephesus
- Pergamon & its multi-layered cultural landscape
- Archaeological site of Troy

Travel Highlights: 

1) Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia - Greek Orthodox Basilica 

2) Bolu, Turkey

Overnight Stay at Buyuk Abant Otel, Bolu

3) Ankara, Turkey

Ataturk Mausoleum

4) Cappadocia, Turkey

Goreme Open Air Museum, Cappadocia

5) Pamukkale, Turkey

Cotton Castle - White Travertine Terraces

6) Kusadasi, Turkey

Ephesus - Ancient Greek City 

7) Pergamon, Turkey

Asklepion - Ancient Temple of Healing 

8) Canakkale, Turkey

Ancient Troy - Ancient City of Trojan War 

Turkey Nov 2018- One for the Albumn from our Tour Group Members

Turkey - Home of Two Continents, Europe & Asia 
Turkey - Central Asia Fascinating Sceneries
No high heel shoes please for this Turkey trip. Just carry a large suitcase for shopping ! 

Best Moments of Our Travelling Days in Turkey (1-11/11/2018) - Smiles & Everlasting Smiles; advertising our Darkie or Colgate teeth !!! All our faces looked like Turkish Delight candies - broad smile & sweet ! 

Group photo in Open Air Museum, Cappadocia
Group photo in Istanbul Airport before flying home ! Till we meet again in another corner of the Earth ! 
Youngest member in our tour group - the most cheeky & handsome looking ! 
Embraced with love ! Both are charming to look at ! 
Bosphorus Cruise & 5 lady Musketeers in a row ! 
Mr Ozard, our Tour Guide "lecturing" our tour members ! 
The Trojan Horse & the modern lady "soldiers" 
The sitting Goddess of the Trojan Horse 
The "Time Tunnel" of the Temple of Healing, Asklepion 
A pink lady & a dark jacket & spectacled man talking about ancient medicine ! 
Run out of petty cash to buy this group photo which was taken at the front screen of our tour bus - for all to see !
It's food sampling time - go for it - free tasting for different varieties of Turkish Delight !!
Oldie like me forgotten about this place - I think it should be the site of Ancient Troy, am I right ? 
One of our Tour Member on a Fashion Parade hosted by Leco leather - A model in the making ! 
Mrs Yeo & Wenny, Tour Manager, hot air balloon behind dropping by to say hello ! 
Guess who is the Mother for this family group ? 
Thank You dear for performing as a fashion model for doing the cat walk ! 
Remember the Grand Bazar Gate No 1 as our meeting point ! 
Eagerly waiting for a leatherwear fashion show to start ! All looked like models to me ! 
1 + 1 = 2 young models from our tour group - beaming with joy ! 
Too engrossed with food & chat time ! Any secret to share ?
Leong Soon Hoh & my wife, Soon Mae - too happy to step on the white cotton castle of Pamukkale !
The "Mongolian boy" & his brother (Rykel & Ryan Yeo) on a hot air balloon ride - must be freezing cold up there ! 
Staring at the remnants of the Roman ruins - once upon a time a mighty empire ! 
Who was the Arab lady in purple dress with a sun glass ? 
Our smart looking young boy learning to be a tour guide ! 
Mr Ozard pointing finger - very serious in his lecture to tour members ! Who care, the young boy puts his two hands inside the pockets pretending to be listening & his bother leaning to his mother looking very sleepy ! 
Lecturing , Lecturing & lecturing . Listen, listen & listen all I am asking from you ! 
A basket of Hot Air Baloon riders - On top of the World ! 
A balancing Act - the left , the right & the middle - So do not panic just stand firm and enjoy the panoramic view !