Saturday, June 15, 2019

USA & Canada (East Coast) May/June 2019

" My 32 Days free & easy visit to East Coast of USA & Canada (New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Boston, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal & Quebec with my travel buddies, KC Leong & a newbie,  LeyLana Chai from my home country travelling from 14/5 to 14/6 2019 - my 1st visit to USA & Canada & fulfiliing my American & Canadian travel dreams " 

Travel Itinerary (32 days): Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia > Shanghai, China > New York, USA > Philadelphia > Buffalo > Niagara Falls, USA > Niagara Falls, Canada > Toronto > Ottawa > Montreal > Quebec > Montreal > Boston, USA > New York > Shanghai, China > Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Total expenses incurred (32 days): approx. Rm10,241 (US2,470)
Air ticket (China Eastern Airlines - Kuala Lumpur>New York return): Rm2,856 (US$689)
Travel insurance: Rm170
USA visa: Rm660
Canada visa: Rm300
Airport shuttle bus (KL): Rm8 x 2 (Seniors)
Hostels (28 nights) : Rm4,325 (US$1,043)
Long distance coach/bus (10 inter-city bus rides in USA & Canada): Rm1,153 (US$269)
Metro/bus: US$57 + CAD$40 = Rm359
Food & groceries (cost sharing, mainly own prepared meals): Rm50+US$34+CAD$68 = Rm402

Exchange rates: US$1=Rm4.145, Canadian dollar (CAD)$1=R,m3.12

My Travel Buddies, KC Leong & Lana 

Travel Highlights: 

1) New York, USA

2) Philadelphia, USA 

3) Washington DC, USA 

4) Buffalo, USA

5) Niagara Falls, USA 

6) Niagara Falls Canada 

7) Toronto, Canada 

8) Ottawa, Canada 

9) Montreal, Canada

10) Quebec, Canada 

11) Boston, USA 

Words of Wisdoms on Travelling - Travelling may change your perspectives on LIFE; give yourself an opportunity to travel to places you yearn to see; Why travelling, our LIFE span is too short …. so start pursuing your travel dreams ! 

USA & Canada (East Coast) May/June 2019 D-1 New York, USA

Day 1 - Tuesday 14th May 2019 New York, USA 

Hostel Accommodation (3 nights): NY Moore Hostel, New York (US$50.22 per pax - 3 beds room) 

China Eastern Airlines Kuala Lumpur>New York transit in Shanghai (02.10>07.40; 11.30>14.25 Rm2,856 return)

1) Taking an airport shuttle bus (20.00) from KL Sentral to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang) - Bus ticket Rm8 (Senior)

2) Arriving at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Sepang

3) Boarding my Shanghai Airlines (affiliated to China Eastern Airlines) transit flight from Kuala Lumpur > Pudong International Airport, Shanghai (02.10>07.40) 

4) Inflight meal (breakfast) provided by Shanghai Airlines

5) Arriving early morning (07.40) at the Pudong International Airport, Shanghai 

6) Boarding China Eastern Airlines flight from Shanghai > New York (11.30>14.25 time difference 15 hrs)

7) Inflight meals on board the China Eastern Airlines; I picked Shanghai noodles with shredded pork & fried rice with pork for dinner & breakfast for this leg of 15 hrs flight ! 

8) Arriving at John F Kennedy Airport, New York in Terminal 1 & taking AitTrain (US$5) to Howard Beach subway station and bought a metro card (US$2.75 per ride) for our subway rides ie taking an A Line (blue) to Broadway Junction and then to L Line (grey) to Morgan Avenue, the closest subway station to NY Moore hostel for check in. 

9) My first 3 nights stay in NY Moore Hostel, Brooklyn, New York (US$50.22 per pax dorm bed)

10) Brooklyn - the most populous borough of New York City with an estimated population of 2.7 million. Named after the Dutch village of Breukelen.