Saturday, September 24, 2016

Malaysia (Pangkor Island) 2016

" Those good old days seem like so long ago "

" Hanging with old friends and saying REMEMBER WHEN "

"Good Food, Good Friends & Good Times"

" My 2 days 1 night leisurely car ride from Petaling Jaya, Selangor to Pangkor Island & Sitiawan in the state of Perak, Malaysia - a weekend short trip with my travel buddies to the Central West Coast of Peninsula Malaysia  on 18-19 Sept 2016 "

My travel buddies - Leong, Wong, Tee & K M Cheng

Total Expenses Incurred (2 days) : Rm184 = US$44 per pax  (cost sharing of 4 people) :

Hotel (1 night) : Rm34.45 per pax (G-6 Hotel, Sitiawan, deluxe Twin)
Food : Rm100
Ferry : Rm10 (Lumut>Pangkor island & return)
Van Hire : Rm17.50 per pax (Pangkor island)
Toll: Rm2.50 (cost sharing)
Petrol: Rm20 per pax (car pool for 4 people)
Exchange Rate : US$1=Rm4.15

Travel Itinerary: Petaling Jaya > Ijok > Kuala Selangor > Sekinchan > Lumut > Sitiawan (overnight) > Lumut > Pangkor Island > Sitiawan > Pasir Penambang > Sungei Buloh > Petaling Jaya ( total 472km)

Image result for west coast malaysia map
Map of  Peninsula Malaysia
Image result for perak map
Map of  Perak State

I have three travel buddies, Tee, Wong & Hui whom we meet regularly in Klang for social gathering together with Leong from University Garden, Petaling Jaya. Tee & Wong are cousin brothers and their hometown is from Sitiawan, Perak. Hui stayed in the same neighborhood with Tee & Wong in Klang.

Though in recent years I had visited the central west coast of Peninsula Malaysia ie Kuala Selangor & Sekinchan, Selangor but I have yet to visit Sitiawan and nearby places. My last visit to Pangkor island was in 2003. Leong, at an age of 86 is a first timer to Pangkor island and I am glad that he was able to make it for this trip, well done, Leong ! (Leong had since passed away due to sickness in May 2017 - may his soul rests in peace !)

So with a car pool of 4 people, our group took a leisure ride over a weekend from Klang Valley to Sitiawan & Pangkor island and put up a night in Sitiawan to savor the popular Fuchow food and seafood along the way in Pasir Penambang & Sekinchan ! Wong's cousin sister in Sitiawan took us to a few popular food outlets and indeed we tasted some yummy local Fuchow food ie fish maws, red rice wine vermicelli etc. She also arranged our hotel accommodation in Sitiawan. 

Minus diving and water sport activities, our group really had an enjoyable time in Pangkor island & Sitiawan. Eating & sleeping were superb on this particularly trip in terms of costs & comfort etc.

Maybe another trip in the near future, just for durian eating in Sitiawan !!! Tee's sister has a few durian trees in Lumut area - I am eagerly waiting for the next durian season to come !

Pangkor Island, Perak

A beach near the Lin Je Kong Temple

Lumut, Perak

Lumut New Village Jetty

Pasir Panjang, Perak
Tua Pek Kong Temple

Sitiawan, Perak
Sitiawan Town Center

Sekinchan, Selangor

Pasir Penambang, Selangor
Paddy field

A Chinese fishing village

Friday, September 23, 2016

Pangkor Island, Perak 2016

Image result for pangkor island
Map of  Pangkor Island
Image result for pangkor island

Image result for pangkor island
Map of  Lumut & Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island (242km from Petaling Jaya; 23km from Sitiawan) - a popular island resort in Perak. Tourism & fishing are the major industries here.

In the 17th century, the Dutch built a fort in Pangkor island to defense their interests in this region.

The island is easily accessible by a regular ferry service from the Lumut port & jetty.

Pangkor Island Jetties - the 1st pier, Sungei Pinang Kechil (SPK) & the 2nd pier, Pangkor jetty in Pangkor town where tourists usually drop off

Sungei Pinang Kechil Jetty

Pangkor Jetty

Arrival at the Pangkor Island Jetty - van hire with a driver for a 2 hour round the island visit to major touristy places - Rm70 (US$16.87)

Pangkor Island Town (next to Pier 2, Pangkor Jetty) - this is the main town where there are a number of souvenirs, dried seafood & coffee shops operate

Pekan Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island Village)

Masjid Teluk Raja Bayang ( Mosque)

Kota Belanda Dutch Fort - built in 1860 to defense the Dutch & locals against pirates attack. Located in Kampung Teluk Gedung

Foo Lin Kong Temple - a Taoist temple in Sungai Pinang Kechil Besar Village at the bottom of the Pangkor Hill

A beach near Lin Je Kong Temple

Galeri Pangkor

Pasir Bogak Beach - largest & most popular beach for tourists  in Pangkor island

Pangkor Hill

Pangkor Island Airport - temporary ceased operation at the time of our visit except occasional chartered flights from Kuala Lumpur

Chinese Schools in Pangkor Island

Kilang Satay Eng Seng, Kampung Sungei Pinang Kechil - our van driver made a brief stopover for our group to buy some dried seafood catering mainly for the tourists