Saturday, December 14, 2013

China 2013 (Winter)

welfare can be achieved by taking an extra walk
I am in need of a "warmth" winter

" Cherish LIFE. Value time. Lessons from the wise "

" Where possible LIFE should be a pattern of experience to savor, not to endure "

" Retirement is not adding years to your LIFE but adding LIFE to your years "

" My 11 days in southern China (Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzen, Hong Kong & Macau) from 1-11/12/2013 - sharing a slice of my traveling life with my wife; taking an extra walk to 5 coastal cities in southern China & enjoying a "warmth" winter in our free & easy travel overseas " 

Travel itinerary: Kuala Lumpur > Guangzhou > Foshan > Guangzhou > Shenzen > Hong Kong > Macau > Guangzhou > Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After spending 11 days in Southern China, we arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon of 11-12-13 (11 Dec 2013) ... what a beautiful day !

Map of Hainan Island
Map of Hainan Island

This southern China visit is probably my last visit of the year for 2013 and I look forward for another exciting traveling year in 2014 ! So from 11-12-13, we shall move on from 13 (2013) to 14 (2014) . In Cantonese, the number 1314 is pronounced as Yat Sang Yat Sai meaning once in a life time .

BYE BYE 2013 & WELCOME 2014 !

LIFE is not far, so get over it & move on !!!

Total expenses incurred (11 days) = Rm$2,364 (US$723)

Air ticket (KL > Guangzhou 18.10>22.30; Guangzhou>KL 13.00>16.55) : China Southern RM972.50 (US$297)
Hotels (10 nights - twin bed room): Rm$610 (US$186) per pax
Visa : multiple entries issued Aug 2013
Travel insurance: Rm$116
Food : HK$348 + Y$301
Metro: HK$160 + Y$55
Ferry (HK>Macau): HK$175 
City Bus: Y$8 + HK$10
Long distance bus: Y$134 + HK$35
Airport taxi (Baiyun>Guangzhou city): Y$108
Shuttle bus ( Sentral>KLIA): Rm$10
Entrance fees: Y$25
Sundries: Y20
Exchange rates: US$1=Rm$3.27; Euro$1=Rm$4.44; Y$1=Rm$0.53; HK$1=Rm$0.43; Y$1=HK$1.24; HK$1=MOP$1

folks listening attentively to a story teller - an old profession
The good old days in Guangzhou about Story telling

I too have a fresh story to tell about my visit to Southern China in Dec 2013 ... how nice to tell this story to an audience under an old oak tree and serve with a plain Chinese tea like the good old days of Canton !!!

LIFE always offers you a second chance. In Aug 2013, I visited Hong Kong & Macau after a lapse of 27 years. But my wife did not accompany me for this visit. But we believe dreams do not have an expiration date, so for this winter visit, I brought my wife to re-visit these two cities to reminisce of our good old days when we were on holidays here in Dec 1986 ....

Both of us also visited Guangzhou, Foshan & Shenzhen and enjoyed savoring the local food & seeing a few new touristy places .

Our winter visit in Southern China was really an enjoyable one; cool & pleasant with temperature ranging from 9 - 21c. A warmth winter indeed ! But Guangzhou was misty most of the time due probably to a high level of pollutants in the air .
Travel Highlights:

Map of Guangdong 
Map of Fujian


Five Ram Sculpture


Zumio Temple


Dongmen walking street

Hong Kong

Big Buddha, Lantau Island

Ruins of St Paul's

Guangzhou, Guangdong China (Winter 2013)

Total expenses incurred (5 days): Rm$148 +Y$198 = Rm$253 (US$77)
- Hotel (4 nights): 4 x Rm$74 = Rm$296 (Liwan Lake Garden Inn - king bed room)
- Food: Y$165
- Metro: Y$28
- Entrance fee (Chen Clan Academy) : Y$5 (senior)

With the guide of a Metro map, we were able to visit a few touristy places in Guangzhou ie Yuexie Park, Chen Clan Academy & Martyr's Park as theses places are located within walking distance from their Metro stations.

The hotel I stayed is located near the Zhongshanba Metro station, and is only a few bus stops from Shangxia Jiu Lu - so quite easy for us to move & shop around .

Food is so tempting in Guangzhou so be merry and just eat and eat until your stomach is bloated with pride .....

Yuexie Park, Five Ram Sculpture & Guangzhou Museum

Sun Yat Sen Monument

Guangzhou Martyr's Park

Chen Clan Academy

Malaysia has a Chen Academy as well
I have yet to visit the Chen Academy in Kuala Lumpur

Shangxia Jiu Lu

This walking street is for you to walk up & down !
Shangxiajiu Padestrian street
Lian Xiang Lou Dim Sum - Metro Changshou Lu

Liwan Lake, Huangsha

when the music is on, put on your dancing shoes

red for prosperity

what a night for us to enjoy
colorful boat - a safe journey
a fantasy land
no blue feeling after staring at this

Oh, we love these Cantonese food - dim sum, roasted duck, steamed white chicken, congee with lean pork & century egg, chee cheong fun, black sesame paste ..... let's yum cha as soon as you land in Guangzhou !