Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nagoya, Japan 2017

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Nagoya City Map
Celebrate your arrival with a can of Nagoya beer !

Day 5 & 6 - Gero > Nagoya (105km)

Nagoya is the national capital of Aichi Prefecture, it is also a manufacturing & shipping hub in Central Honshu. The city's Naka Ward is home to museums & pachinko (gambling machines) parlors. Naka also includes the Sakae entertainment district, with attractions like the sky-boat Ferris Wheel which is attached to a mall. Nagoya is Japan's third largest city. Nagoya was heavily bombed during the 2nd World War !

1) Highway Rest & Recreation stop at Seki

2) Lunch at own expense in Seki R & R Stop - had a light lunch with a bowl of Udon Noodle (Y600) and pastries (Y400)

3)  Atsuta Shrine 

4) Nagoya International Hotel, 3-23-3 Nishiki, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture - Online Agoda booking (April 2017) indicative room tariff Rm255 = US$58 for a twin bed room

4) Nagoya Specialty Chicken Wings Dinner + French Fries + Fried Rice + Fresh Salads + Green Peas + Prawn Crackers + Grilled Fish + Dessert + Sky Juice ( Plain Water) - buy & share your own jar of beer if you like to celebrate your evening in Nagoya !

6) Nagoya TV Tower

7) Oasis 21 - it accommodates Nagoya's highway bus terminal and an underground shopping mall, dining & departmental stores

8) Nagoya TV Tower & Oasis 21 by night

9) Sakae ( a shopping district in Nagoya) by Night

A popular  Pachinko Parlor
Sky-boat Ferris Wheel

10) Nagoya Underground Train Stations

11) Central Park Underground Shopping Center

12) Nagoya City by Day

Taxi for hire in Nagoya City

13) Buffet Breakfast at Nagoya International Hotel

Highway Rest & Recreation stop from Nagoya > Kyoto

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