Thursday, April 27, 2017

Matsumoto, Japan 2017

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Matsumoto City Map

Day 4 - Matsumoto > Kamikochi (120km)
Matsumoto is a mountain city on Japan main island, Honshu. It's known for Matsumoto Castle, a 16th century stronghold. The Japanese Alps loom overhead with hot spring, ski runs & hiking trails.

1) Morning stroll at Kamikochi city center (prior to breakfast)

Matsumoto Train Station

2) Buffet breakfast at Tokyu Rei Hotel, Matsumoto

3) Matsumoto Castle - one of Japan's premier historic castle, a national treasure. The building is also know as the "Crow Castle" due to its black exterior

Entrance fee Y610

4) A panoramic view of Matsumoto city as seen from the top of the Matsumoto Castle

5) Wasabi Farm, Matsumoto (a complimentary tour not included in Parlo's travel itinerary - Terima Kasih , Parlo) - what a great place to learn about wasabi farming, highly educational and well worth a visit as the place is very scenic 

Wasabi snackfood

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