Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gujo Hachiman - Japan 2017

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Gujo Hachiman Map

Gujo is a city located in Gifu Prefecture. Gujo Hachiman is in a valley where 3 major fast running rivers ie the Yoshida, Nagara & Kodara meet.

Day 2 - Nagahama (121km) > Gujo Hachiman

1) Buffet hotel breakfast at Nagahama Royal Hotel - I loved eating Natto, a popular breakfast food in Japan !

Natto, a popular soya bean made breakfast in Japan

2) Highway Rest & Recreation Navica Stop - super clean washrooms, an opportunity to savor some takeaway finger food, soft serve ice cream operating in this R & R stop etc

2) Japanese food sample moulding village - free DIY cabbages & sushi food sample moulding lessons for all our tour members, a real fun experience and you are allowed to keep the food sample after the lessons

3) Fresh local farm specialty lunch in Gujo Hachiman - specially arranged by Parlo for our tour group

4) Gujo Hachiman Walking Street

5) Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan City Museum - a chance to learn the famous Gujo dance developed 400 years ago ! Five of our tour members were invited to participate in this folk dance !

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