Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kansai, Japan 2017

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Day 1 - Departure from KLIA2 > Kansai, Osaka - Japan (08.00 > 15.25 - 6hrs 25mins)

KLIA2 Duty Free Shop

Breakfast & Lunch on board the Air Asia Flight departing 08.00 from KLIA2 arriving Kansai 15.25

Satay or Nasi Lemak or  Chicken Rice - pick your choice
Satay was my first choice
Chicken Rice

Day 1 - Arrival at Kansai International Airport

Ferry Wheel & Star Gate Hotel, Kansai

Day 6 - Shopping in Rinku Premium Outlets Mall, Kansai, more than 100 international branded labels await you !

Final Day 6 - Star Gate Hotel, Kansai - Online Agoda Booking (April 2017) indicative room tariff Rm873 =US$198 for a twin bed room

Day 6 - Dinner at the Food Court, Premium Outlet Mall, Kansai (Own Expense)

Y980 for this dinner set meal at the Food Court

Day 7 - Breakfast at Mid Air Dining & Bar Restaurant (54th Floor), Star Gate Hotel

A Panoramic View of Kansai from the 54th Floor of the Mid Air Dining Bar & Restaurant, Star Gate Hotel

Day 7 - Departure  from the Kansai International Airport to Kuala Lumpur (11.00>16.35 - 6hr35min)

Drinking water for top up at the Departure Gate

Ready for Boarding - Home Sweet Home after a 7 days wonderful visit to the Japan Alps & Central Honshu of Japan !


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