Monday, March 5, 2018

D-7 Siem Reap, Cambodia - Feb 2018

D-7 Sunday 4th March 2018

1) Wat Damnak, Siem Reap (nearby the Siem Reap Hostel)

2) Morning breakfast at a local restaurant nearby by our hostel - fried kway teow, Cambodian style + hot tea (US$2 per pax)

3) Morning walk near the Siem Reap river

4) The morning Night Market

5) Preah Promreath Pagoda, Siem Reap

6) Lucky Mall, Siem Reap - took a tuk tuk (US$2) from the Pub Street to this shopping mall - lucky for us to enjoy our time in this only modern shopping mall in Siem Reap ! Grab a bite for a Lucky burger or shop your groceries in Lucky Supermarket in this Lucky shopping mall ! Everything you see here relates to Lucky !

7) Drinking Time - Tea break at a popular cafĂ© in downtown Siem Reap; our group opted for 2 pots of earl grey & peppermint tea (US$6.50) instead of "Smiles, there is coffee" ! Coffee or tea, just enjoy the ambience and the company in this quaint place ! 

8) Eating Time - A simple lunch at a local food restaurant in Night Market, Siem Reap - fried rice with 2 eggs + hot tea (US$2.50)

9) Our final night in Siem Reap - evening stroll & dinner in Pub Street ! The night is still young so we enjoyed every moment in this popular place filled with overseas tourists !

10) Eating Time - Dinner (US$22) in Viva Mexican Restaurant in Pub Street - our 3rd visit to this eatery outlet - yummy food to our delight ! 

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