Monday, March 5, 2018

D-3 Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Feb 2018

D-3 Wednesday 28th Feb 2018 (13th Day of the Chinese Lunar New Year)  

1) Bus ride from Siem Reap > Phnom Penh (US$7 one way) - 6hrs; free pick up from our hostel to Siem Reap bus terminal

2) Country side scenery from Siem Reap > Phenom Penh

3) Eating Time - A light lunch (dry noodle-US$1.5) at a local eatery outlet during a brief bus stopover prior to arriving in Phenom Penh

4) Sorya Center Point - Chinese New Year décor in Sorya Central Point, Phenom Penh - our favorite resting place - buying groceries from supermarket, lunch & dinner venue etc 

5) Central Market, Phenom Penh

6) French colonial buildings near the Tonle Sap walkway

7) Eating Time - Yunnan Pork leg rice dinner (US$27) at Yunnan Pork Leg Restaurant, Sorya Center Point, Phenom Penh 

8) Hostel Check-in - 3 nights accommondation in Billabong Hostel, 5, Street 158, Phenom Penh (US$7 per dorm bed); bathroom attached, swimming pool, walking distance to Sorya 168 Bus Terminal, Central Market etc

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