Monday, March 5, 2018

D-2 Angkor Archaeological Park (UNESCO)-Siem Reap, Cambodia - Feb 2018 (Part 1)

Day-2 Tuesday 27th Feb 2018 (12th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year)

Our group's full day visit to Angor Archaeological Park, Siem Reap (Part 1) - Lonely Planet has a great write up on this Park. Small or big circuit tuk tuk ride, you can visit all the major temples on a day trip but for those who like to take times &  know more about the history of this archaeological site, you can stretch your visit to 3 days watching sunrise & sunset at the designated viewpoints, the tuk tuk drivers know best where to take you ! 

1) Tuk tuk hire from Siem Reap Hostel to cover our visit to major temples at the Angkor Archaeological Park (full day 08.00 - 17.00) - US$20 for 1 tuk tuk twin sharing

2) Eating Time - Our group breakfast & coffee for 4 people + 2 tuk tuk drivers at a local restaurant in the Angkor Archaeological Park - US$40

3) Entrance fee for 1 day to Angkor Archaeological Park, Siem Reap is US$37. For a 3 day Pass, the price is US$62 ! I paid US$40 for a 3 day Pass in 2006 so Angkor Wat has become a much more precious gem to Cambodia, but overseas tourists still flocking to Siem Reap to see this Mother of all Temples, an UNESCO site ! The Angkorian period spans more than 600 years from AD802 to 1432 ! 

4) Ta Prohm Temple

5) Nean Pean Temple

6) Pre Prerup Temple

2) Eating Time - Evening walk & dinner (US$36)  at Viva Mexican restaurant in Pub Street & Night Market 

Amok with fish curry - very yummy ! 
2 yummy Pineapple fried rice for our group of 4 ! 

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