Monday, March 5, 2018

D-4 Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Feb 2018

D-4 Thursday 1st March 2018 (14th Day of the Chinese Lunar New Year)

A half day tuk tuk tour to Killing Field, S-21, Independence, King Sihanouk Monument, Tonle Sap Riverfront (US$20 per vehicle for 4)

1) Killing Field, Phenom Penh

2) Toul Sieng Museum, Phenom Penh

3) Independence Monument 

4) King Sihanouk Monument

5) Tonle Sap River

6) Riverside Walkway

7) Eating Time - Breakfast (rice porridge with pig offals) at a street food stall near the Sorya 168 Bus Terminal

8) Eating Time - Takeaway lunch (French baquette) from a popular street food stall nearby our hostel; need to queue up at least for 10 mins !  

9) Eating Time - Group Dinner & happy hours at a Food Court in Sorya Center Point, Phenom Penh (roasted duck, fried rice with eggs + coffee + fruit juice drink + ice dessert) - US$40

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