Monday, March 5, 2018

The Best Moments of My Travelling Days - Candid Shots - Pretty "Maids" in A Row, Neat, Orderly & Outstanding

1) Candid Shot - Dried fish on sale at a wet market in Siem Reap, Cambodia - neat & orderly, how not to buy ! Any secret recipe for this dried fish cooking in Khmer style ? (2018)

Dried fish hang up neat & orderly on sale at  Night Market, Siem Reap 

2) Candid Shot - 600,000 rickshaws peddling daily in a heavily populated city of  Dhaka, Bangladesh - good manners & a well disciplined lot ! Patience ! Patience ! Patience !(2017)   

Rickshaws peddlers maneuvering a small lane in downtown Dhaka - well disciplined !

3) Candid Shot - steamed white Hainanese chicken neatly displayed in a row awaiting for a discerning customer to patronize at a food court in Paragon Shopping Mall, Bangkok, Thailand (2016)

What a clean & neat display of Hainanese chicken on sale at a Food Court, Paragon Shopping Mall in Bangkok

4) Candid Shot - tourists greeted by 2 rows of neat & well presented multi color floral decorated "ducklings" in Miracle Garden - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - colorful flowers & floral decor make the garden looks miracle ! (2018)

5) Candid Shot - Highway Rest & Recreation stop in Navica, Gifu Prefecture, Japan - a row of  spotless clean urinal inside a comfy washroom at your "majesty's" service - Japanese style ! How I wish I would stay a little bit longer and take my sweet time to ease ..... (2017)

6) Candid Shot - tour bus passing by a vineyard in Cromwell basin, South Island, New Zealand, home to a host of award winning wineries  - rows & rows of green grapevine trees dominating the beautiful landscape, what a scenic view as seen from the tour bus's window ! (2016)

7) Candid Shot - Avenue of Sphinxes leading to main temple precinct at the ruins of the Great Temple of Amon at Karnak, Luxor, Egypt - staring at awe a row of animated statutes guarding the main temple during the ancient Egypt period (2008)

8) Candid Shot - rows & rows of interlocking basalt columns (40,000), most are hexagonal in shape, lied at the Giant's Causeway in the County of Antrim, North Ireland - the result of an ancient volcanic eruption; an UNESCO World Heritage site ! What a pleasant sight, a natural wonder ! (2014)

9) Candid Shot - hundred of  Buddha statues lining up in a row at the Great Buddha Land, the oldest landmark of Fo Guang Shan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan; the largest monastery in Taiwan - The official motto of Fo Guang Shan monastery: May the Buddha's Light shine upon the ten directions. May the Dharma stream continuously flow towards the five continents ! (2004)

10) Candid Shot - a row of highly trained acrobatic performers honing their skills with a perfect score at an Acrobatic show in Shanghai, China ! Stunning, amazing & very entertaining to watch. Chinese acrobatic shows are of world class standards. (2017)

11) Candid Shot - monks dressed in the rich saffron colored robes standing in a row performing an alms giving ceremony in downtown Vang Vieng, Laos; a ritual practice by monks every morning, the most sacred Buddhist traditions of Laos ! (2017)

12)  Candid Shot - KM & Soon Mae (spouse) & 3 Teddy bears siting calmly together in a row for a pose at the Teddy Bear Museum in Seoul, South Korea. None of us look like a polar bear ! (2012)

13) Candid Shot - a ring of  mysterious stones with a 5,000 year story standing tall at the Prehistoric Monument in Stonehenge, Wilshire, England; each stone is 13ft high, 7ft wide weighing 25 tons - what a row of mighty stones to watch, one of the great wonders of the world ! (2010)

14) Candid Shot - blue uniformed guards on a marching during a Labor Day Parade at the  Red Square, Moscow, Russia; smartly dressed, three in a row holding their rifles in an upright position - I was visiting the Red Square on that very day in May 2009 - right timing right place - lucky me ! (2009)

15) Candid Shot - skipjack or yellow fin tuna are commonly caught in the Indian Ocean and the daily catches are brought in from adjacent harbors & sold on the wet floor of the Fish Market in  Male City, Maldives - this row of tuna fish is awaiting for a right customer to offer the right price so in the interim, the fish will be on show for awhile - look fresh isn't it ?  (2017) 

16) Candid Shot - The Supertree Grove at the Gardens by the Bay is a major tourist attraction to promote Singapore as a garden city; these tree like structures ranging from 82ft to 160ft high dominates the Garden's landscape - look magnificent from far ! (2016)

17) Candid Shot - 3 wheelers tuk tuk lining up in a row awaiting for customers on a main street of Colombo, Sri Lanka while the tuk tuk drivers taking a rest; what a good matching of color - tuk tuk in green, blue, red & beige; what is your favorite choice of colors ? Who cares about the color if the fare is fair & just ! (2013) 

18) Candid Shot - Bergen is a city on the south western coast of Norway; surrounded by mountains & fjords. Bryggen is a series of Hanseatic colorful wooden reconstructed commercial buildings lining on the eastern side of Vagen harbor in Bergen; an UNESCO World Heritage site ! Very historic  & outstanding ! (2011)

19) Candid Shot - to prevent pirates attack and an attempted Dutch invasion by sea, the Portuguese built a fortress on top of the Mount Hill in Macau during the 16th century; the Mount Fortress was equipped with cannons, military barracks and an arsenal that held sufficient ammunition for 2 years to defense the Macau colony; a row of old cannons, no longer has the fire power, is elegantly on display in this old fortress, now home of the Macao Museum (2013)

20) Candid Shot - Old Manali is known as a global village in Northern India where foreigners from many countries come to experience the atmosphere & excitement; a charming place & the cool weather makes this place ideal as a honeymoon destination; many riverside cafes for coffee lovers to hang out and for me, I enjoyed a glass of fresh tropical fruit mix juice to quench my thirst after seeing a street vendor showing off a great display of local fruit in an orderly & neat fashion ! (2007)

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