Monday, March 5, 2018

D-5 Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Feb 2018

D-5 Friday 2nd March 2018 (15th Day of the Chinese Lunar New Year Chap Goh Mei) in Phenom Penh, Cambodia - last day of the Chinese New Year celebration

1) Chinese New Year celebrations in Phenom Penh - Wow ! I am glad to see and get a feel of how Cambodians of Chinese origin celebrate the Chinese New Year in downtown Phenom Penh ! 

2) Royal Palace, Phenom Penh

3) Silver Pagoda, Phenom Penh

4) Wat Phom, Phenom Penh

5) Eating Time - Pork meat & soup rice noodle (mee hoon) lunch (US$3) at a local food stall in Street 86 / Monivong Boulevard, Phenom Penh

6) Wet Market near Monivong Boulevard in Phenom Penh

7) Caf├ęs & Bars (Happy Hours) near Monivong / Street 86, Phenom Penh - please behave yourself, do not over drink or else you become a crazy dog or pussy cat lying on a bar street unattended !  

8) Eating Time - Dinner (US$34 for 4) at a fast food restaurant in Sorya Center Point

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