Monday, March 5, 2018

D-8 Siem Reap, Cambodia / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Feb 2018

D-8 Final day in Siem Reap - Monday, 4th March 2018

1) Morning breakfast (07.00) at a local coffee shop nearby the Siem Reap Hostel - soup noodles + hot coffee (US$2.50 per pax)

2) Early lunch & drinks (11.00) at a local restaurant nearby Siem Reap Hostel (US$20 for 4 dishes excluding fresh mangoes)

3) Siem Reap International Airport - See you next time ! 

4) Boarding Air Asia flight AK541 departing Siem Reap 15.05 arriving Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 18.15 - See you next time in Siem Reap ! Yes, I will ! 

4) Taking a Rapid KL LRT train ride from KL Sentral LRT station to SS15, Subang Jaya - Home sweet home ! 

Some interesting pictures taken during my trip to Cambodia ! These pictures will hopefully one day jog my memories of my good old days roaming Siem Reap favorably known for Angkor Wat, Pub Street & my favorite Khmer food called Amok ! In free & easy travelling, we tend to see & experience the good, the bad & the ugly things in a particular place. So enjoy your travelling days & every moments of it ! 

A must see, Angkor - Mother of all temples ! 
A weight lifter - Cambodian style
Just beware ! 
If bad coffee, go for Highland tea or Chinese Pu'er tea   
2 hrs tour is suffice so opt for a tuk tuk tour instead ! 
A powerful Cobra wine !  A good substitute for Viagra ! 
Tuk tuk is the king of  public transport here
Deep fried Scorpios & water snakes - u dare to see but do u dare to eat ! 
If not happy with the fish massage - no charge ! 
Bat Kut Teh opposites the Sorya Center Point,Cambodian style ! My Klang folks smiled
A popular Khmer food if u enjoy coconut curry with fish or beef - but don't run amok after eating in Pub Street

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