Sunday, January 21, 2018

D-9 Abu Dhabi Corniche, Marina Mall, Etihard Square, Qasr Al Hosn, Eihard Towers - Abu Dhabi, UAE - Jan 2018

Day 9 - Tuesday 16th Jan 2018 - a day trip (14hrs) by bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and visit the touristy places of this capital of United Arab Emirates. 

I had earlier via Hostelworld booked a backpacker hostel in Abu Dhabi but a week before my departure to Dubai, I was informed by their management that they were closing their business operation in Abu Dhabi hence my January booking was cancelled last minute. As the backpacker hostel I intended to stay in Dubai was under the same management, I was offered to stay in their Dubai hostel without any additional charge. As a result of this development, I had to resort to doing a day trip to Abu Dhabi instead of a 3 nights stay ! Despite this set back, I still show up in Abu Dhabi and went away with high spirit after seeing the two "gem" of Abu Dhabi ie the Emirates Palace Hotel & Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque ! 

Bus from Al Ghubaiba station, Dubai to Abu Dhabi Main Bus Terminal - 25dhm one way (approx. 2 hrs).

1) Our bus from Dubai about to arrive at the Abu Dhabi Main Bus Terminal 

2) Abu Dhabi Main Bus Terminal - bought a Hafilat Travel Easy non-refundable day card (20dhm) from the Bus terminal counter for my city bus rides to various tourist attractions served by the Abu Dhabi transport authority; each bus ride costs 2 dhm & a total of 6 bus rides were used on this day trip from 09.30 > 05.30. 

3) Abu Dhabi Corniche - the weather was hazy during the morning at the time of my visit 

4) Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi

5) Etihad Square

6) Qasr Al Hosn (closed for renovation)

7) A mosque in Abu Dhabi city center

8) Sky scrappers & high rise commercial buildings in downtown Abu Dhabi center

9) Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

10) An unique building next to the Marina Mall

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