Sunday, January 21, 2018

D-5 Muscat, Oman - Jan 2018

Day 5 - Friday 12th Jan 2018 - focusing my visit to Al Alam Palace, Mirani / Jalani forts and government offices & residences area. 

1) Muttrah Corniche as viewed from a bus heading towards Al Alam Palace's direction

2) Al Alam Palace

3) The deep blue sea & scenic waterfront near Al Alam Palace & Mirani / Jalani Fort, Muscat

4) The National Museum, Muscat

5) Government buildings, French Museum, parks, mosques & residences near the Al Alam Palace / National Museum area

6) Muscat gate

7) My 2nd & 3rd night stay at Majestic Hotel, Al Wadikabir, Ruwi, Muscat - 15 Oman Rial per night (standard double room).

8) Nesto Supermarket, Al Wadikabir located 300m from the Majestic Hotel & 2km from the Ruwi bus station

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