Sunday, January 21, 2018

D-4 Dubai > Muscat, Oman - Jan 2018

Day 4 - Thursday 11th Jan 2018 - an exciting day taking an early morning bus ride (07.30) from Dubai to Muscat, going through UAE / Oman border check points at Hatta & seeing the Muttrah Souk & corniche by night. A long day indeed ! 

Total expenses incurred in Oman (4 days): 49.60 Oman Rial + 90dhm = Rm654 (US$162)

Al Hadow Hotel, Muscat (1 night) - 12 Oman Rial (Rm125)

Majestic Hotel, Muscat (2 nights) - 15 OR x 2 = 30 OR (Rm312)

Long distance bus: Dubai>Muscat return - 90dhm

Departure Tax (Hatta border UAE): 35 dhm

Muscat city bus: 2 Oman Rial

Taxi (Muscat): 3 Oman Rial

Food: 2.60 Oman Rial

1) Boarding a bus from ONTC/Mwasalat office, Dubai > Muscat, Oman (bus ticket 90dhm return) - travelling time 6-7 hrs.  

2) Country side scenery from Dubai > Muscat, Oman

3) Border check points at Hatta Departure Border Cross, UAE & Oman; new exit fee of 35dhm collected by UAE Immigration office on foreigners leaving the UAE border. No Visa is required for Malaysians entering Oman at the border check point (others pay 50dhm for visa fee on arrival)

4) Luggage screening & checks by Oman Immigration office

5) Ruwi Bus station, Muscat - Bus Route No 3 (Ruwi-Mattrah) serves the tourist destinations of Muttrah Corniche, Al Alam Palace, National Museum & Port Sultan Qaboos. Upon arrival at a suburban bus stop, I took a Bus Route No 1 to Ruwi bus station and from here, I took Bus No 3 to Muttrah Corniche and loitered sometime at the Muttrah Corniche & Souk area before walking to my hotel (2km). 

6) Muttra Corniche, Muscat (1st visit during the late afternoon prior to hotel check in) - deep blue sea & scenic coastline ! 

7) Muttrah Fort at the Corniche area

8) My first night accommodation at Al Hadow Hotel, 513 Muttrah Street, Muscat - 12 Oman Rial (Rm127 - budget single room), 2km walking to Muttrah Souk. Online booking via

9) Muttrah Corniche (2nd visit during the evening after hotel check in)

10) Muttrah Mosques

11) Muttrah Souk, Muscat

12) Port Sultan Qaboos

13) Muttrah Corniche by Night

14) Muttrah Souk by Night

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