Sunday, January 21, 2018

D-11 Healthcare City / Wafi / Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifah by Night / The Fountain - Dubai, UAE - Jan 2018

Day 11 - Thursday 18th Jan 2018 - an ambitious day for me trying to visit a number of touristy places by Metro & city buses ie Wafi, Global Village, Burj Khalifah & the musical Dubai Fountain at night but I was handsomely rewarded after visiting the Global Village & Burj Khalifah / The Fountain when fanciful & colorful lighting brightened up the surrounding & enthused the visitors & spectators at the sites ! To most of the local Dubai residents, it was like a family night to spend a quiet evening at the Global Village but for me as a foreign tourist, Global Village is like a World Expo - a real eye opener for me to see this tourist site, magnificently built by the Dubai people for the world to admire, rest & enjoy a cool evening in this winter month !  A big Thank You to Dubai for making my visit as a senior citizen (free admission) to Global Village a pleasant one !

1) Metro Dubai Healthcare City station

2) Healthcare City - strong mental, physical & spiritual strength can easily help you to accomplish your traveling goals !

3) Raffles Hotel, Wafi - an unique Pyramid style 5 star hotel building ! Stunning & awesome ! 

4) My Good Old Days backpacking in Egypt (Oct 2018) - a fond memory & an unforgettable travel experience !

In 2008, I was on a solo free & easy visit to Egypt, Jordan, Syria & Turkey and in Egypt, I visited the Pyramid in Cairo - I still think of my good old days backpacking to places like Giza, The Pyramid, Luxor Temple, Aswan, Abu Simbel Temple, Nuweiba, Valley of the Kings, Alexandria & Port Said; it was the most happiest moment of my life after seeing the UNESCO site of the Pyramid through my own lens ! The Egypt trip was one of the most hardy & exciting backpacking trip thus far in my world of travelling - real hard work & good planning & you reap what you sow ! A delicious outcome indeed ! 10 years had lapsed after my Egypt visit and I often asked myself, am I still around backpacking for another 10 more years ! I have no answer for this and all I know is we are all living from moment to moment so for those fellow travelers - enjoy & happy travelling ! 

The young KM at age 58 in Cairo, Egypt, my 2nd year after retirement learning about travelling ! 
Cairo Museum, Egypt 
Cairo Museum, Egypt
The Pyramid of Ginza / The Sphinx

My first camel ride experience around the Giza area ! 
My proudest moment - pointing my finger at a Pyramid ! 
Boating at the Nile River, Aswan, Egypt
Standing tall at the Luxor Temple, Egypt 
Luxor Temple, Egypt
The pillars of strength in Luxor Temple, Egypt 
Valley of the Kings, Egypt 
Abu Simbel Temple - near the Egypt / Sudan border - scary bus ride ! 
Abu Simbel Temple - ancient &  historic ! 
An Old Fort in Alexandria, Egypt 
Qaitbai Fort, Alexandria, Egypt
The deep blue Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria, Egypt 
Port Said / Suez Canal, Egypt 
Nuweiba Port - taking a ferry to Aqaba, Jordan 

5) Burj Khalifah by Night - First round of lighting up ! Just stare & don't blink, admire every moment when the light is about to change ! 

6) Burj Khalifah by Night - 2nd round of lighting up ! This gradual change of light was so beautiful for photo shooting ! 

7) The Fountain by Night & Dubai Mall -  the sound of music please ! A big crowd patiently waiting to hear the Dubai fountain dancing in tune with the Arabic music ! What a great evening watching the colorful Burj Khalifah & the Musical Fountain at Dubai Mall ! No admission fees just bring your heart & soul, you will be entertained & rewarded - colors made the evening charming & cheerful during the winter month of January in Dubai - my love ! 

8) Dubai Mall by Night

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