Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Malaysia (Port Klang, Pulau Ketam & Sungei Lima - Selangor) 2017

Cuti Cuti (Vacation), Makan Makan (Eating) & Jalan Jalan (Walkabout) Malaysia - Wednesday 8 Nov 2017

" My Cui Cuti Malaysia day trip by KTM train from Subang Jaya to Port Klang & high speed ferry & speed boat from Port Klang to Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) & Sungei Lima, Selangor on Wednesday 8 Nov 2017 " 

This love story movie was filmed in Sungei Lima & Pulau Ketam in 2015

The idea of visiting Pulau Ketam came from my Klang buddies at a very short notice. And a quick yes for me to join my group for this visit. Our group agreed to meet at the South Port Ferry Terminal on Monday morning 6 Nov 2017 to board a high speed ferry to Pulau Ketam & Sungei Lima. But I had to abort this visit last minute as my wife had fallen sick a day before the visit so I had to accompany her to see a doctor. 

My group went ahead with the visit as planned and as for me, I decided to make a solo visit two days later and on Wednesday 8 Nov 2017 despite a gloomy weather, I took a KTM train ride from Subang Jaya to Port Klang and visited Pulau Ketam & Sungei Lima - I really enjoyed this visit - no regret at all after seeing and experiencing the daily life of fishermen living & doing their daily chores in these two quaint fishing villages - only about 50km from where I lived ! This day trip took up 8 solid hours starting from my Subang Jaya house and return. 

Due to the monsoon season in Nov/Dec month, I suggest you check the weather forecast first before embarking on this visit. There were fewer tourists visiting during the weekday at the time of my visit. Sungei Lima was like a deserted fishing village so if you want to see some action, go during the weekend ! 

High speed ferry boat services from Port Klang to Sungei Lima are less regular (first morning departure is at 10.15) so plan your time wisely if you are aiming at visiting Pulau Ketam as well. 

If you have not been to Sungei Lima fishing village, start thinking about it and chase this dream and ask yourself - am I going to " Paint My Love " in Sungei Lima ? For the gourmet seafood lovers, drop by to the Remember Me Seafood Restaurant in Sungei Lima, an unforgettable experience ! 

Travel Itinerary : Subang Jaya KTM train station > Port Klang train station > Sungei Lima (by ferry) > Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) > Port Klang KTM train station > Subang Jaya ( Subang Jaya > Port Klang - 31km; Port Klang > Pulau Ketam - 16km )

07.30   Depart home > Subang Jaya KTM train station
08.00  Depart Subang Jaya KTM train station > Port Klang
08.45  Arrive Port Klang / South Port Ferry Terminal
10.15  Depart South Port Ferry Terminal > Sungei Lima
10.45   Arrive Sungei Lima
13.00   Depart Sungei Lima > Pulau Ketam
14.30  Depart Pulau Ketam > South Port Ferry Terminal
15.35  Depart Port Klang train station > Subang Jaya
16.30   Home sweet home

Total expenses incurred : Rm30.20 (US$7)

Train tickets : Rm2.20 x 2 = Rm4.40 (seniors - 50% discount)
Ferries (Port Klang > Pulau Ketam return) : Rm15
Speed boat (Sungei Lima > Pulau Ketam) : Rm5 one way
Food: Rm5.80
Exchange rate: US$1=Rm4.25

A gloomy weather greeted me on the day of my visit. But there was not even a drop of rain falling on my head ..... the cool weather made my walking tour around the two island villages very pleasant indeed ! 

1) KTM  Commuter train from Subang Jaya > Port Klang (31km one way)

2) High speed ferry (aircond) from South Port Ferry Terminal > Sungei Lima

3) Speed boat from Sungei Lima > Pulau Ketam (Crab Island)

4) High speed ferry from Pulau Ketam > South Port Ferry Terminal (return trip)

5) Port Klang Town

6) Sungei Lima Fishing Village, Selangor

7) Pulau Ketam (Crab Island), Selangor

8) KTM Train Map from KL Sentral KTM station > Perlabuhan Klang KTM station (Port Klang) - 50mins

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