Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Malaysia (Pulau Ketam - Selangor) 2017

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Map of  Pulau Ketam, Selangor

Pulau Ketam in English is called Crab Island, located off the coast of Port Klang. Pulau Ketam is bigger than Sungei Lima fishing village and is more popular to local & foreign tourists.  A seafood gourmet paradise, this island tends to attract many local tourists especially during the weekends & festive season. Tourists can either do a day trip or extend their stay overnight in any of the homestay hostels operating around the island. If you are lazy to walk, try renting a bicycle and this save time & allow you to see a greater depth of Pulau Ketam. 

The oyster / clam omelet is a favorite food here. 

A return ferry ticket from South Port Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ketam costs Rm15-Rm18 for adults, travelling time is approx 45 minutes.

1) Selamat Datang (Welcome) to Pulau Ketam (Crab Island)

2) Pulau Ketam Jetty

3) Sea Lion Hotel - popular to local & foreign tourists

) Bicycles for hire

) Mural on the wall 

) Chinese Temples in Pulau Ketam

) Pulau Ketam Riverside - houses on wooden stilts

) Sundry shops, noodle stalls & seafood restaurants in Pulau Ketam - my Klang buddies had a delicious seafood lunch at the Remember Me Seafood Restaurant - so not to forget to dine in this restaurant the next time you visit Pulau Ketam ! 

9) Police Station in Pulau Ketam 

10) Stray walking (Jalan Jalan) around Pulau Ketam   

11) Pulau Ketam Mosque

12) Pulau Ketam Fire Station

13) My simple lunch in Pulau Ketam - vegetables + rice Rm4.50 + Hot black coffee Rm1.30

14) High speed ferry from Pulau Ketam back to Port Klang

15) KTM train from Port Klang > Subang Jaya (50mins) - Home sweet home ending my weekday outing to Port Klang, Sungei Lima & Pulau Ketam with a happy note !

Goodbye, Sungei Lima & Pulau Ketam ! Have I "Paint my Love" in these 2 quaint Chinese fishing villages in Selangor and leave behind a fond memory after this visit ? The answer is a big "Yes" ! 

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