Saturday, November 25, 2017

D-5 Jiaxing, Hanzhou & Tunxi, China 2017

Day 5 Airlink's Tour Itinerary

1) Transformers Theme Park, Jiaxing - the transformers were made from waste cars, gears, steel, machine parts and other metal components 
2) The Grand Canal of China, Hangzhou (UNESCO)
3) XingJi Temple, Hangzhou
4) West Lake, Hangzhou (UNESCO)
5) Lao Jie, Tunxi

Transformer Theme Park, Jiaxing

The Grand Canal of China, Hangzhou (UNSECO) - my second visit

Xiangji Temple, Hangzhou

West Lake, Hangzhou (UNESCO) - very scenic, drizzling at the time of our visit !

Lao Jie, Tunxi

Hotel Accommodation in Eastern International Hotel, Huangshan City (5th & 6th Night)

Hotel buffet breakfast

Lunch at a vegetable restaurant in Hangzhou

Dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Tunxi

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