Saturday, November 25, 2017

Day-1 Hangzhou & Suzhou, China 2017

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Map of  Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
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Map of  Suzhou & Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

1) Flight from Kuala Lumpur departing 08.10 > Hangzhou; seated by the window side, I was able to see when the plane was about to land, it had to pierce through 3 layers of white clouds ie the upper, middle and the lower layer and it was after the lower layer & within minutes, I could see the airstrip & Hangzhou airport from my window - what a pleasant sight ! My travel buddy, KC from USJ also noticed this phenomenon !  

2) Arriving at Hangzhou Airport 13.10

3) Our Tour Bus for the entire trip (8 days)

Day 1 - Airlink's Tour Itinerary : 

1) Airport - Assemble at KLIA2 for departure from Kuala Lumpur > Hangzhou (Flight D7 302)  departing 08.10 arriving 13.10
2) Boat tour Nanxun Water Village (an ancient water village with a 800 years of history) 
3) The Ruins of the City (at the advice of Wu Zixu, the emperor of Wu built this Wu Guodu)

Image result for nanxun map
Map of Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai & Huangshan

Hangzhou > Nanxun Ancient Town - 89km (1hr 24mins)
Nanxun Ancient Town - Suzhou - 68km (1hr 9mins) 

1) Nanxun Ancient Town & Water Village, Huzhou (Zhejiang Province - 2 hrs by bus from Hangzhou, an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site & a 5A class tourist site in China, built during the 9th century under the Tang dynasty, well preserved & known for its cultural heritage; famous for silk production, picturesque waterways, canals, old stoned arch bridges from the Song, Yuan, Ming & Qing dynasties; lotus pond, courtyard, gardens etc . I was thoroughly impressed after this ancient town visit ! 

In Dec 2015, I made a free & easy visit with my wife to Zhujiajiao, a water village located 46km (58mins) from Shanghai city ! Other popular water towns / villages eg Wuzhen, Tongli, Zhouzhuang, Xitang & Fenjing are located close to Suzhou / Hangzhou . 

It was drizzling at the time of our visit in the late afternoon. All our small umbrellas were put on good use ! 

2) Boat tour of Nanxun Water Village

3) The ruins of the ancient Wu Guodu - a 5 minutes walk from the bus parking to the opposite bank of Suzhou river to view this ancient ruins ! It could be better for the local guide / bus to bring us to the front entrance of this ancient city gate & wall to have a closer look of this ruins & also for photo shooting ! 

4) Guan Qian Jie, Suzhou - it was drizzling at the time of our visit, one of the recommended optional highlight side tours, an ideal place to shop for a winter wear ! My last visit to Guan Qian Jie was in 2010. 

5) Hotel Accommodation in Suzhou (1st Night)

6) Lunch on board the Air Asia flight (Day 1) - slightly different from the normal meal I had eaten on board of Air Asia flights ie Nasi Lemak & Chicken rice etc 

7) Dinner in Suzhou (1st Night) - yummy hot soup noodles, Suzhou style ! Free flow of noodles to satisfy your appetite ! A great start - our first dinner meal in China ! 

8) Night scenery near the Chinese Noodles Restaurant Area

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