Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Malaysia (Sungei Lima Fishing Village - Selangor) 2017

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Map of Sungai Lima & Pulau Ketam Fishing Village, Selangor 

Sungei Lima (5th River) fishing village is accessible by high speed ferry boats from South Port Ferry Terminal - travelling time is approx. 35 minutes. This traditional Chinese fishing village is less known to tourists but after the shooting of a local love story film "Paint My Love" in 2015 using Sungei Lima & Pulau Ketam as the background setting, this quaint little fishing village in Sungei Lima has gained popularity with the local tourists in recent years !

Mangrove swamps, open drying of shrimps, Chinese temples, quiet & peaceful, no cars, only bicycles, street art, fresh & processed seafood, oyster omelets, floating fish farms, houses on wooden stilts, homestay, simple lifestyle etc these are the things that I observed & caught my eyes during my 2-3 hrs visit to Sungei Lima - indeed a great place to loiter your time here away from the hustle & bustle of city life ! 

1) High Speed Ferry from South Port Ferry Terminal > Sungei Lima Fishing Village, Port Klang

2) North Port - viewed from the Ferry's window

3) Floating fish farm

4) Sungei Lima Jetty

5) Sungei Lima Map & Paint My Love Poster

6) Selamat Datang (Welocme) to Sungei Lima Fishing Village, Port Klang

7) Murals on the walls of the fishing village homes

8) Bicycles for rent

9) Homestay hostels in Sungei Lima Fishing Village

10) Jalan Klinik, Sungei Lima Fishing Village

11) Sungei Lima SJK (C) Sin Bin Primary School

12) Sungei Lima Village Development & Security Committee

13) Jalan Utara Pantai (North Section Riverside Road), Sungei Lima Fishing Village - attractive colorful road signs to guide your walking tour

14) Jalan Tepi Laut Selantan (South Section Riverside Road)

15) Jalan Seberang Utara (River Crossing North Section)

16) Jalan Sungai Dalam (River Interior Section)

17) Mangrove swamps

18) Drying shrimps in Sungei Lima fishing village

19) Drying squib & fish in front of Sungei Lima fishermen's home

20) Sungei Lima fishing village riverside 

21) Sungei Lima fishing village homes

22) Chinese Temples in Sungei Lima Fishing Village

23) Swiftlet House - Bird Nest Farming

24) High speed boat ride (hop in) from Sungei Lima > Pulau Ketam (Rm5), the normal high speed ferry charges RM1 but stick to a time table schedule

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