Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Best Moments of My Travelling Days - World Smallest Countries

In early August 2017, KC has kindly WhatsApp me a video clip on the World's ten smallest countries. The video clip nominated the following as the world's ten smallest countries. It will be nice if I could visit all these smallest countries during my life time but this remain as a dream at this stage - not quite sure I would able to fulfil this dream but no harm dreaming every now and then ! 

1) Grenada - 344 sq km, an island nation in the Caribbean, also known as a island of spice, a popular tourist nation, French influence

2) Malta - 316sq km, located in the Mediterranean Sea, 3 island made up of Republic of Malta ie Gozo, Cominco & the largest, Malta

3) Maldives - 300 sq km, Over 1192 coral islands in Maldives spread over 90,000 sq km, world most dispersed countries, a popular tourist destination in Indian Ocean

4) Saint Kittis & Nevis - 261 sq km, the mother colonies of West Indies, these two islands in the Caribbean were the first to be colonized by Europeans. 

5) Liechtenstein - 160 sq km, a German speaking country, the only nation in the world completely located in the Alps, bordering Switzerland & Austria

6) San Marino - 61 sq km, surrounded completely by Italy, the oldest surviving sovereign state in he world

7) Tuvalu - 26 sq km, located in the Pacific Ocean, north east of Australia, once a British colony but gained independence in 1978

8) Nauru - 21 sq km, located east of Australia, fame for phosphate mining in the 1980 but now a quiet island

9) Monaco - 0.2 sq km, located on French River Riveria, home to largest number of millionaires & billionaires in the world ! Most popular annual event is the Formula 1 race. 

10) Vatican - 0.44 sq km, also known as Holy See, the country fits within the Italian capital city of Rome and is Center of Catholic Church. 

I am glad that after all these years of travelling, I had visited a total of the five World's smallest countries  ie Maldives, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco & Vatican

1) Maldives (2017) 

2) Liechtenstein (2012)

3) San Marino (2014)

4) Monaco (2014)

5) Vatican (2010) 

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