Saturday, August 12, 2017

D-5 Huhulmale, Maldives 2017

Day 5 Thursday 10th August 2017 - A very wet day indeed but I managed to spend the morning carrying an umbrella / rain coat visiting & re-visiting a number of touristy places in & around the Jetties area, the Fish Market, North Harbor, Independence Square, Friday Mosque etc. KC's wife who had booked a submarine tour US$75 (45 mins) a day earlier was subsequently cancelled due to a bad weather. The beauty of a free & easy travel allows me to visit or revisit the various places of interest at any time at my own pace ! So for the last few days, we were able to see a greater Hulhumale & Male City & the surrounding areas which we might not able to achieve if we are on a tight package tour program !
1) Fish Market, Male City (2nd Visit) - fishing boats docked opposite the Fish Market

2) The Local Market - mainly selling fresh fruit & vegetables (2nd visit)

3) Male North Harbor

4) Islamic Center (Grand Friday Mosque) - opened in 1984, Male's iconic landmark, largest mosque in Male accommodating 5,000 people

5) Medhuziyaaraly - the tomb of the Moroccan traveler Abu-al Barakath-UI Barbary, located near the Friday Mosque

6) Friday Mosque (Hulu Miskiiy) - built in 1656 during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim  Iskandar

7) Minaret of Friday Mosque

8) Mulee-aage (The Presidential Palace) - built in 1906

9) Independence Square (Jumhooree Maidhan) - marked by a flagpole with a giant Maldivian flag

10) People's Majlis (The Parliament) 

11) Airport Jetty & Ticketing Booth, Male City

12) President's Office, Boduthakurufaanu Magu

13) Headquarters of the Maldives Police Services

14) Eastern Male City & Waterfront Area

A diver retrieving goods from the sea ! 

15) After wandering around the Male city for 2-3 hours despite a heavy rain, I walked my way back to House Clover hotel and meet up with KC and his wife who were resting at the hotel. KC's wife supposed to join a submarine tour at Jetty No 1 at around 2.00pm but the undersea tour was subsequently cancelled due to a bad weather. 

Before heading back to Hulhumae town and due to the rain, our group decided to order our lunch meal via the hotel's reception so we could eat with comfort at the hotel's kitchen area. 

US$23 for this lunch delivered to our hotel, 9th floor

16) Our final night stay at UI Inn 4th floor (US$84 for a honeymoon suite for three inclusive of service & green tax) + free breakfast & dinner. Both the breakfast & dinner + coffee were excellent ! 

17) Free dinners for 3 at UI's cafĂ© & restaurant 

I selected a mixed platter from the menu for my dinner

12) KC & wife's dinner menu. KC loves eating Masala with spicy gravy & steamed Basmati rice ! 

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