Wednesday, July 26, 2017

D-3 Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia 2017

Day 3 Thursday 20/7/2017

Train Ride from Jakarta > Bandung 

1) Gambir Train Station > Bandung Train Station - you can buy your train ticket direct from Gambir train station. But in this instance I booked my train ticket via Capsule Hotel and I was given a slip with my personal details ie full name & Passport number, proposed date of departure from Gambir & arrival time in Bandung,  name of the train etc. The slip has a payment code number and I had to personally go to the nearest Indomaret convenience store or nearest banks to make a full payment of the train ticket. You are given 30 mins to effect the payment or else your booking becomes invalid ! 

At Indomaret after making the payment by cash, a payment receipt will be given to you and this allows you to present your receipt to Gambir Train Station ticket counter in exchange for a valid train ticket. 

You can also make a reservation at Gambir Train Station for your return journey from Bandung to Jakarta by making a full payment at the Reservation service counter located next to the Gambir ticketing counter. A reservation slip will be given to you to do the necessary at the Bandung Train Station at the date of departure or earlier.  

2) The official train ticket issued by Gambir Train Station for my train ride to Bandung after presenting my Indomaret payment receipt. The one way Executive class train ticket costs IDR120,000 (Rm37), soft declining seat & fully air-conditioned 

3) My early breakfast at a cafĂ© in Gambir Train Station - IDR38,000 (Rm11.60) for a plate of dried noodle + hot tea

4) Waiting & boarding the Argo Parahyangan train from Gambir train station to Bandung. The train departs Gambir at 08.45 arriving Bandung at 12.00 

5) Country side scenery from Jakarta > Bandung

6) In Bandung, I stayed in Chezbon Hotel, 45, Braga Street for 2 nights - IDR150,000 (Rm46) for a dorm bed. The hotel is centrally located and is within walking distance to major tourist sites located along Asia Afrika. From the Bandung train station, you could walk to the hotel - approx. 15-20 mins. 

7) Day tour organized for hostel guests staying in Chezbon Hostel. The one day trip which costs IDR400,000 per person (excluding entrance fees) covering 6 touristy places in South of Bandung ie Kawah Putih (white crater), a hotspring, tea plantation, strawberry field, bamboo weaving and an old railway bridge

8) My quick lunch at a street food stall along Jalan Braga, near my hostel - Baso + Taufu (IDR7,000=RM2.10)

9) Museum of the Asian African Conference - free entry, historical & informative, this important conference was held in 18-24 April 1955

10) Afternoon walk along Jalan Asia Afrika

11) Afternoon walk along Jalan Braga - amazing, liquor & beer are openly sold in bars & cafes here ! So bottom up your glass of beer and enjoy your happy hours in Jalan Braga

12) Alun Alun Bandung

13) Grand Mosque of Bandung

14) My dinner at a local food stall in Jalan Braga - Sotong + Ayam Padang + rice + hot tea (IDR20,000=Rm6)

15) A banana dessert for my supper at a night market near the hostel - IDR13,000 (Rm3.90)

14) Bandung by night - the weather in the evening was around 23c while during the day it was around 26c. There was a heavy shower in the late afternoon so the roads were wet & slippery but a cool cool Bandung at night !

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