Wednesday, July 26, 2017

D-2 Jakarta, Indonesia 2017

Day 2 Wednesday 19/7/2017

Jam Jam Jakarta - my 2nd day mainly focused on visiting touristy places near Monas & Gambir areas in downtown Jakarta. 

Experiencing the Jam Jam Jakarta (horrendous traffic in major roads in Jakarta city center). You will be greeted with armies of motor bikers & cars zooming in and out of major roads, small lanes, forever busy on the roads, little respects for zebra pedestrian crossings, pedestrians crossing the roads at own risk at any time of the day or night, so you are a SOS (saya orang susah) tourist when you wander (jalan jalan) or doing your walking tours in the lands of Old Batavia ! 

During my last day in Jakarta, I took a Damri airport bus from Gambir train station to the international airport. Our bus was stuck in the traffic for 45 mins and only cleared 2.9km when we passed the Istiqlal mosque. It took another 45 mins to arrive at the Soekarno Hatta Airport Terminal 2 - so a total of 1.5 hrs for a 29km journey ! 

1) Mederka Square 

2) Monas (National Monument) - opened to public in 1975, symbolizes the fight for independence under the direction of President Sukarno, entrance fee IDR15,000

2) Flame of Independence, Monas

3) Indonesian National History Museum, Monas

4) Observation Deck, Monas - panoramic view of Jakarta City, entrance fee IDR15,000, weather today is a bit hazy but tolerable

5) National Museum - built in 1862, entrance fee IDR10,000

6) Istiqlal Mosque - the largest in South East Asia, 3rd largest in the world, took 17 years to build, signifies the year 1945 when Indonesia declared independence

7) Cathedral Church 

8) Gambir train station, Jakarta

9) Demonstrations & protests by social-political parties in front of the Merdeka Square, under police supervision

10) Taman Ismail Mazuki, Cikini Raya

11) Walking tour from Gambir via Jalan Thamrin to Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall (4.9km)

12) Plaza Indonesia Shopping Mall

13) Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall

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