Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nong Khai, Thailand 2017

Nong Khai - a border town at the northern tip of Thailand & central Laos

1) Boarding a 2nd class sleeper train (722/812bht) departing Ayutthaya train station at 21.41 arriving Nong Khai at 06.45 - we were fortunate to board a new China made coach sleeper train for this leg of train journey, pretty comfortable & also for our return trip from Nong Khai to Bangkok - so sleep well as you will enjoy the train rides ! The lower beds cost 90bht more. Upon arrival, you can either take a tuk tuk to the Thai Immigration Complex for your passport processing to enter Laos border or take a combo train & tourist bus ride from Nong Khai train station for 300bht to Thanaleng railway station located about 20km east of Vientiane and then transfer to a tour bus to Talat Sao Bus Terminal in Vientiane. 

2) Boarding a 2nd class sleeper train (748/838bht) departing Nong Khai train station at 19.10 arriving Bangkok at 06.00. Again, we were fortunate to board the new China-made overnight sleeper train for our return journey to Bangkok

3) Tuk Tuk rides - Nong Khai Train Station to Thai Border Immigration Complex (20bht per pax) vice versa.

4) Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge - River crossing from Thai to Lao border near Nong Khai via a Friendship Bridge built by the Japanese officially opened in April 1994. Shuttle bus services (20bht) are provided to ferry tourists from Thai Immigration checkpoint to Laos, vice versa.

5) Vientiane Green Bus No 14 from Lao Immigration Complex, Nong Khai > Vientiane Capital Bus Bus Station, Talat Sao (1-2 hour interval). Our group paid 300bht for a tuk tuk ride from the Laos Immigration Complex to our hostel in Vientiane downtown centre

6) Laos Immigration Complex & Duty Free Outlet, Laos Border - a last minute shopping

7) Thai Fried Rice for dinner at Nong Khai


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