Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hatyai, Thaiand 2017

Learning the ABC in Thai
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Hatyai, Thailand - arriving Hatyai by shuttle train from Padang Besar for our connecting sleeper train ride departing Hatyai 18.10 arriving Bangkok 10.10 (855 upper bed/945bht-lower) - a mere 2hr 35mins in Hatyai, just nice to have an early Thai dinner & buying some snacks from the Robinson Departmental store, before boarding our sleeper train to Bangkok !

Hatyai Train Station
Thai Train from Hatyai > Bangkok (sleeper bed 855/945bht)
Waiting for our train at Platform 3, Hatyai Train Station
On board the Thai train heading to Bangkok

Yummy Thai food (Teo Chew style) savored in Hatyai - our early dinner before boarding the sleeper train from Hatyai to Bangkok

610bht for this dinner menu + hot tea for 4 people


  1. Hi KM
    In December I did the ktm train from butterworth to Padang Besar then hatyai.
    Flew to bkk and bus to Ayutthaya
    Then sukhothai n Chiangmai
    Mae hon song hill country. Then golden triangle n chiangrai to visit the white temple wat Rong khun. Flew to bkk n spent time with family. Flew back to PEN. it was an amazing trip traveling the whole length of Thailand with my brother who speaks fluent Thai.

  2. Hi Bea, great to hear from u. Did not know that you were in Penang in Dec, otherwise would have say hello to you. I am planning for my wife n in-laws for another trip to Bangkok, Chiangmai towards end of this year. I love visiting Thailand.