Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ayutthaya, Thailand 2017

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Hua Lamphong train station - boarding a train ride (ordinary train, non-air-conditioned & free seating - 2 hr 15bht) from Bangkok > Ayutthaya departing 09.25 > 11.27. Alternately, you can take a mini van from Mochit Bus Station, Bangkok to Ayutthaya (1.5hr - 70bht)  

1) Arriving at Ayutthaya train station

2) Ferry crossing from Ayutthaya Train Station Pier to town center - 4bht, very short boat ride

3) Ayutthaya Town Centre / Ayutthaya City Park - Fun, Food Glorious Food, Old Charm, Laid Back Lifestyle, Window Shopping, Boat Rides, Tuk Tuks, Traditional Train Ride, Morning Market .... the sum of all theses activities making our stays in Ayutthaya a most memorable one !!! 

4) Mae Nam Chao Phraya River, Ayutthaya

5) Ayutthaya Mini Vans Terminal - mini van rides from Mo Chit Bus Terminal, Bangkok end here. But for this trip, our group chose to take the non-air-conditioned ordinary train from Hua Lamphong train station in Bangkok !

6) Stockhome Hostel, 6/15, Naresuan Road, Pratuchai, Ayutthaya - very near the Mini Vans Terminal.

7) If Stockhome hostel is fully booked, try the Sleepaholic Hostel or Junk House next door

8) Yummy Thai food taken in Ayutthaya for our breakfast, lunch & dinner

Tomyam + Pork + Mixed vege + Omelet + rice -420bht
Pork + pig offal soup - 185bht for 4 people
Chicken + stewed pork + eggs + rice - 240bht for 4 people

Chicken/roasted pork + rice - 50bht

8) 2hrs Tuk Tuk day tour (400bht) to 4 major temple sites in Ayutthaya Historical Park (UNESCO) - my 2nd visit to Ayutthaya since 2007; entrance fees for each temple site is 50bht

9) Wat Phra Mahathat (the temple of Great Relics, one of the most important temples in the Ayutthaya Kingdom, most photographed object is the head of a stone Buddha image entwined in the roots of a tree)

10) Wat Chaiwatthanaram (a royal temple used by the King of Ayutthaya)

11) Wat Phra Si Sanphet (one of the largest temple known for the line of three impressive stupas)

12) Wat Lokaya Sutha (42 meter declining Buddha)

13) Ayutthaya Elephant Centre

14) Other stupas / ruins as seen from the Tuk Tuk ride

My good old backpacking days in Ayutthaya - 2007

" No matter how hard the PAST, you can always begin again "

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