Monday, April 2, 2018

D-9 Yazd, Iran - March 2018

Wind Catchers - Yazd

Day 9 Wednesday 28th March 2018 - spent the whole day by undertaking a walking tour to explore the historic city of Yazd ! As Yazd is located near the dessert area, it was hot & dry during the day and pretty cool in the evening ! Tourists who are keen to join a dessert tour (15.00>19.00 - Euro$25) can register with the hostel reception. 

1) Alexander Prison, Yazd - admission fee 150,000 Rials; a 15th century domed building & former school, now hosting a museum & handicraft souvenir shops

2) Bogheh-e-Davazdah Emam - the oldest of the remaining construction in Yazd; built in the 11th century.

3) The Mausoleum of 12 Imans

4) Emam Khomeyni 18 Bazaar

5) Traditional bazaar & shops, Yazd

6) House of Sigari - admission 100,000 Rials

7) Heyran Traditional House in Historic City of Yazd - free admission

8) Traditional Houses in Historic City of Yazd - free admission

9) Jame Mosque (The Great Friday Mosque) of Yazd

10) Hazireh Mosque, Yazd

11) A Mosque in downtown Yazd

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