Monday, April 2, 2018

D-2 Tehran, Iran - March 2018

Day 2 Wednesday 21 March 2018 - 1st Day of the Persian New Year known as "Nowruz" -  No means "new" & Rouz means "day" in Farsi (local language) ! Today I focused my visit to Baharestan Square, Iman Khomeini Square, Shahr Park, National Museum & Mashq Square Complex areas .

1) Metro Baharestan (Line 2) > Baharestan Square, Tehran (near Heritage Hostel) - the oldest constructions of Tehran and was registered as Iran's national heritage list on August 4 2016 which marked the Constitution Day in Iran

Sepahsalar Mosque (1934)

2) Baharestan Square by night 

3) Metro Emam Khomeini (Line 1) > Shahr Park, Tehran - a City Park (64 acres) with a Peace Museum, Bird Garden, a central library.

4) Metro Emam Khomeini (Line 1) > Mo'allem Park, Tehran

5) Metro Emam Khomeini (Line 1) > The National Museum of Iran, Tehran - two complexes ie Museum of Ancient Iran & Museum of the Islamic Era - admission fees 550,000 Rials (Euro$9.50) for 3 museums including the Louvre Museum. 

6) Louvre Museum, Tehran - located next to the National Museum of Iran

7) Metro Emam Khomeini (Line 1) > Post & Telecom Museum

8) Ministry of Foreign Affairs

9) Qazaq Khaneh (Cossack Quarters) Edifice

10) The Malek National Libray, Tehran

11) Mashq Square Complex

12) Imam Khomeini Square

13) Stray walking on Day 2 - a familiarization walking tour in Tehran city for myself; most streets & tourist sites in Tehran were deserted as today is the 1st Day of the New Year in Iran ! Happy New Year to all Iranians ! What a great start for me to get a feel of the city life in Tehran during the New Year !

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