Monday, April 2, 2018

D-8 Yazd, Iran - March 2018

Day 8 Tuesday 27th March 2018 - after a 2 nights stay in Isfahan, I took a morning bus from Isfahan to Yazd. I made a last minute cancellation of my visit to Varzaneth due to transport inconvenience. After the hostel check in, I spent the late afternoon visiting The Persian Garden (Dowlat Abad Garden -UNESCO) & nearby areas.  

1) Normal Bus departing Kaveh Bus Terminal, Isfahan > Yard (bus ticket 220,000 Rials through Hostel online booking + service fee; direct online booking costs 150,000 Rials) 

2) My 2 nights hostel accommodation in Yazd - Badgir Hostel, 3, Shirgholami Alley, Sahid Rajeel Street, Yazd (Euro10 dorm + free breakfast)

3) Countryside scenery along the Isfahan > Yazd route

4) Dowlat Abad Garden, Yazd (UNESCO) - Persian Garden; admission fee 200,000 Rials; built in 1747, the complex includes the country tallest wind catcher, orchards & fountains . 

5) Historic City of Yazd (UNESCO) - located in the middle of Iranian plateau close to the spice & silk roads; underground water is widely used in this city near the dessert area. 

6) Amir Chakhmakh Complex

7) Amir Chakhmakh Mosque

8) The Cistern of Fatemeh-ye-Golshan

9) Yazd Market Square's Clock

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