Monday, April 2, 2018

D-5 Shiraz, Iran - March 2018

Day 5 Saturday 24th March 2018 - focusing my visit to the various tourist attractions in old Shiraz & downtown areas during the day and in the evening spent most of my time in the Vakil Bazaar & Citadel areas.  

1) The Quran Gate, Shiraz - a historic gate in the north of Shiraz, the arch was built in the era of Azedolleh Deylami and a Quran was place upon it so that the travelers could end their journey safely. 

2) Khwaju Karmani Tomb, Shiraz

3) Shiraz downtown area

4) The Citadel of Arg of Karim Khan - admission fee 200,000 Rials - shaped like a fortress, the citadel was built during the Zand dynasty and named after Karim Khan and served as living quarters. 

5) The Citadel of Arg of Karim Khan, Shiraz by Night

6) Vakil Bazar, Northern & Southern - built in the 11th century by Karim Khan to make Shiraz as a prominent trading center

7) Vakil Mosque - built between 1751 & 1773 century during the Zand period. 

8) Holy Shrine of Amir Ahmad, Shiraz

9) A mosque at Basirat-9 Day Street, Shiraz

10) Museum of Islamic Art

11) Rouhollah Bazaar

12) Vakil Bazar, Shiraz by Night

13) Shiraz old town by night

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