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Malaysia (Ipoh Heritage Trail, Perak) May 2018 Part 1

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" Friends that travel together stay together"

" A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles " 

" Age is no barrier when it comes to travel "

My Cuti Cuti (Vacation), Makan Makan (Eating) & Jalan Jalan (Walkabout) Malaysia - Ipoh Heritage Trail, Thursday - Friday 3 & 4 May 2018

" My 2 days Cuti Cuti (Vacation) visit to Ipoh, taking a KTM ERL train from KL Sentral to Ipoh Railway Station (3rd to 4th May 2018) accompanied by Lam, my travel buddy from Singapore - following the Ipoh Heritage Trail & re-visiting the tourist attractions  " 

Peninsula Malaya (now Malaysia) or part of the region was under the colonial rules ie Portuguese (1511), Dutch (1641) & British (1700's) since the start of the 15th century. The Japanese during the 2nd World War invaded & occupied Malaya in 1941 for 3 years 8 months ! Malaysia achieved her independence from the British on 31st August 1957 ! 

In recent years, due to the efficient public transport system & following the Heritage Trail guided maps for each city,  tourists can easily visit a number of colonial heritage sites in Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Klang & Penang / Georgetown in Peninsula Malaysia as well as in Singapore.

Malacca & Georgetown (Penang) are UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you are going to do a Heritage Trail, you can go Dutch & Portuguese and visit a number of heritage sites in Malacca & go British in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur & Ipoh ! 

Following the Heritage Trails, I had the opportunity of visiting a number of heritage sites during the last 2 years (2016-2018) in Peninsula Malaysia & Singapore :

1) Singapore - 20-24/2/2016
2) Malacca (UNESCO) - 22-23/12/2016
3) Kuala Lumpur - 31/12/2016
4) Georgetown (UNESCO) - 12-14/1/2017
5) Klang - 4/11/2017
6) Ipoh - 4-5/5/2018

Ipoh, the 3rd largest city in Malaysia is the capital of Perak state. During the 1880's, Ipoh became prosperous due to a flourishing tin mining industry but since 1970's with the collapse of world tin prices, the city suffered decades of decline & neglect. 

Located by the Kinta River, the city due to her close proximity to Kuala Lumpur (205km one way, 2 hrs by car & 3 hrs by train) is now a popular tourist destination; more visitors are now visiting Ipoh for food & also attracted by the city's old town's British colonial era architecture charm ! 

Travel itinerary: Subang Jaya, Selangor > KL Sentral > Ipoh > KL Sentral > Subang Jaya (205km x 2)

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Map of  Ipoh, Perak

Total costs incurred (2 days): Rm110 (US$28)
Hostel (1 night): Rm30 dorm
LRT train tickets (senior): Rm2.10 x 2 
KTM train tickets (Senior): Rm17 x 2
Food: Rm41
Exchange Rate: US$1=Rm3.93

My travel buddy from Singapore, Lam

Thursday 3rd May 2018

1) Rapid KL LRT train from Subang Jaya SS15 > KL Sentral - Rm2.10 (senior)

2) KL Sentral

3) Walkabout near KL Sentral area

4) Boarding the KTM Express Rail Link (ERL) from KL Sentral > Ipoh, Perak - Rm17 (senior) & Adult Rm25 (10.35>13.30)

5) Hostel accommodation (Rm30=US$7.60 dorm) at Abby By The River, 56 Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Ipoh Tel +605241450 Email:

6) Hotel Abby's Roof Top & a panoramic view of downtown Ipoh during the early morning & evening

Going British - The Start of the Ipoh Heritage Trail 

1) Arriving at the KTM Ipoh Railway Station (Built in 1917) - one of the 3 grand British-built railway stations; the other is Kuala Lumpur Railway Station & Singapore's now disused Tanjong Pagar station. 

The Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station - built in 1892

2) War Memorial (1914-1918)

3) Ipoh Town Hall (1914) - neoclassical style building

4) The Court House (1928)

5) Royal Ipoh Club

6) St Michael Institution

7) Indian Muslim Mosque (1908)

8) F.M.S Bar & Restaurant

9) Hong Kong & Shanghai Building (1931) - neo renaissance style building, highest building in Ipoh before the independence

10) The Chartered Bank (1924)

11) Mercantile Bank (1931)

12) Chung Thye Phio Building

13) Perak Hydro Building

14) Straits Trading Building - OCBC (1907)

15) S.P.H Da Silva Building 

16) Birch Memorial (1909)

16) Han Chin Pet Soo Building - Hakka Miners Club built in 1929

17) Ho Yan Ho Building

18) Panglima Lane (Concubine Lane - since 1908)  & Market Lane - where wealthy merchants & British officers kept their mistresses & also a notorious opium den during the 19th century ! 

19) Dato Panglima Kinta's Mosque

20) Paloh Khoo Miu Temple (1894)

21) Kampung Kuchai

Abandoned Heritage House

23) Masjid Paloh Ipoh

24) Abandoned Heritage buildings 

25) Spy House - Kok Hin Photo Digital (1925)

26) Old Town White Coffee Building

27) Ipoh Post Office

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