Sunday, May 21, 2017

Yan'an, Shaanxi - China 2017

Yan'an, Shaanxi

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Transport:  Xi'an Train Station > Yan'an Train Station > Xi'an Train Station (hard seat, aircond - CNY50.50 one way) - After the 1st week of Labor Day (May 1), buying train tickets were less stressful but ideally buy your tickets one day in advance in order to secure a seat. You have to present your passport for a ticket purchase. We prefer the morning trains ie around 8-9 am so that we would arrive the destinations after the mid-day or in the afternoon. Buying a sleeper bed at short notice is a major challenge as most sleeper beds are sold out a week earlier. However, Xian has a High Speed train station (Xi'anBei) so for long distance travel (8-9 hrs), you could opt for a high speed train, the ticket price is probably three times higher than taking the normal trains !

1) Fenhuangshan Revolution Headquarter Site

2) Yangjialing Revolution Headquarter Site

3) Zaoyuan Revolution Headquarter Site (Dates Garden)

4) Zaoyuan Culture Plaza

5) Wangjiaping Revolution Headquarter Site

6) Yan'an Revolution Memorial Hall

7) North East Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Site

8) Treasure Pagoda (Baota Pagoda)

9) Yan'an Press Museum

10) Qingliang Mountain

11) Yan'an Downtown Center

12) Freedom Youth Hostel, Yan'an - Dorm beds CNY50, condominium homestay. Recommended by a local backpacker whom we met at our hostel in Xian.


13) Yan'an Train Station

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