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Tianshui, Gansu - China 2017

Tianshui, Gansu

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Transport: Day trip to Maijishan by public bus opposite the Tianshui train station - bus ticket CNY5 one way; bus ticket to Fuxi Temple from Tianshui train station CNY2 one way.

1) Maijishan, Tianshui (entrance fee CNY40, Senior CNY20)

2) Fuxi Temple, Tianshui (entrance fee CNY40, Senior CNY20)

3) Tianshui Train Station

4) Tianshui Dong An Hotel - Deluxe Room CNY148 (twin bed) ; opens to booking for foreign guests; located opposite the Tianshui Train Station, ideal for an overnight stay for your bus trips to Maijishan & Fuxi Temple. Online booking via our hostel in Xi'an. No deposit required but paid cash upon check in.

5) Tianshui Downtown Centre

5) The 4 famous Grottos in China - besides focusing on my visits to UNESCO sits in China and whenever possible, I will make a point to visit famous Grottoes in China. The 4 famous Grottoes listed in China website are Mogao Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes, Longmen Grottoes & Maijishan Grottoes. Two more Grottoes worth mentioning are Dazu Grottoes near Chongqing & Bingling Grottoes near Lanzhou. I am glad that after all these years of passionate travelling to China, I had virtually visited all of these famous Grottoes - a great feat in the world of my travelling thus far !

My Good Old Backpacking Days visiting major Grottoes in China :

1) Mogao Grottoes near Dunhuang, Gansu (age about 1,600 yrs)

Visited in 2006

2) Yungang Grottoes near Datong, Shanxi (age about 1,500 yrs)

Visited in 2009

3) Longmen Grottoes near Luoyang, Henan (age about 1,500 yrs)

Visited in 2009

4) Maijishan Grottoes near Tianshui, Gansu (age about 1,600 yrs)

Visited in 2017

5) Dazu Grottoes, near Chongqing (dating back to Tang & Song dynasty (7th century)

Visited in 2009

6) Bingling Grottoes, near Lanzhou (dating back to Western Jin dynasty (265-316)

Visited in 2015

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