Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kaifeng, Henan - China 2017

Kaifeng, Henan - an ancient capital of 3,000 years old ! Get ready CNY300-400 to budget for entrance fees as the popular tourist sites cost CNY30 - 120 per entry should you decide to enter all the sites ! However, senior citizens aged over 65+ are entitled for a 50% discount if you are able to present your passport to validate your birth year to the ticketing counter.

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Transport: The distance between Xi'an & Kaifeng is approx. 534km, so we opted for a high speed train (2nd class CNY260) departing Xi'an at 09.29 arriving Kaifeng at 11.30. The high speed trains travel at a speed of slightly over 300km per hr, the seat is pretty comfortable like sitting in a plane ! For our return journey, again we bought a high speed train ticket departing in the early afternoon so this gave us the entire morning to see a bit more on this ancient Kaifeng city !

1) Lord Bao Memorial (entrance fee CNY30, Seniors CNY15)

2) Daxiangguo Temple (entrance fee CNY45)

3) Ancient City Hall of Kaifengfu (entrance fee CNY64, Seniors CNY32)

4) Baogomg Lake

5)  Tien Po Men

6) At the City Snack Street, Kaifeng

7) Song Temple Street

8) Drum Tower

9) China Garden

10) Millennium City Park - Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden  (entrance fee CNY120, Seniors CNY60) - Outer Ring Area

11) Kaifeng Huaihuang International Youth Hostel, 51 Binjiang Road, Kaifeng - CNY150 for a double bunk bed room with bathroom attached. Online booking via

12) Kaifeng Bei (High Speed) Train Station

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