Sunday, June 11, 2017

KM's Photo Gallery - Europe 2017

" Today's Moments are Tomorrow's Memories "
Bits & Pieces of what our tour group see, hear & eat in Eastern Europe ! Whether you are travelling free & easy or in package tours, Eastern Europe has many attractions & sight seeing places for you to admire & explore ! So start walking like a mud crab in Eastern Europe and scout for a curry menu of hot & spicy chilly crab to dine at one of the posh restaurants in Eastern Europe !

So after seeing all the pictures I posted in the blog, what do you think ? Are all our tour members happy with this 14 days package tour ? Amazing, this 14D11N Classic Eastern Europe package tour took our tour group to 9 major UNESCO World Heritage sites, incredible !

1) Highway or Motorway Stops - brief stopovers for a rest, light refreshments, puffing, toilet runs & stretching your body & legs to re-charge your energy !

2) Washrooms & toilets - Our tour bus driver would normally make a brief stopover midway at a motorway restaurant or a petrol station / café (after driving for 2-3 hrs) for a short break or toilet runs usually 15-20 minutes and for lunch at our expense on a particular day, the stopover is normally around 45 minutes to one hour. In Germany, there is this turnstile / voucher system for a toilet service, so get ready some coins or change your dollar notes for coins from the cashier counters. Each toilet service charges a fee of Euro$0.70 but there is a Euro$0.50 voucher for you to pay off for any purchases of food items at the cafes or grocery stores. Most McDonald outlets in touristy places provide free washroom facilities so go for it if you find one nearby ! In some motorway stops, free public toilets are available for use for passing motorists etc.

3) Mobile Toilet

4) Meals in Europe
Breakfast - Throughout the 12 days of our package tour in Eastern Europe, virtually all our breakfasts were taken at our hotel's restaurants - all buffet style ! Our group had our breakfast as early as 06.30-07.00 and our hotel check outs were around 08.00. So we had ample time to enjoy the food to our delight ! My daily breakfast was a well balanced one which includes fresh milk, fruit juices, ham & bacon, sausages scrabble eggs, yogurt, fresh fruit, salad vegetables, croissants, bread & butter etc - very nutritious indeed ! Before leaving, my wife and I normally shared a cup of Cappuccino - very original and taste great !

Lunch & Dinner - Prior to departure, we were briefed by Roystar that 70% of our lunches & dinners will be served with Oriental style food in local Chinese restaurants & 30% in local western meals eg German pork knuckle, Hungarian fried chicken fillet etc. The 6-7 course home cooked style Chinese food catering for a typical package tour group mainly comprised of two dishes of stir-fried vegetable (cucumber, green vegetables), one hot soup (meat or vegetable), steamed fish or fried chicken fillets, fried scramble eggs & a plate of sliced fresh oranges as desserts plus a free flow of hot Chinese tea & cooked rice ! I wonder how much this standard Chinese menu normally costs in European cities ?

Oriental style Chinese lunch or dinner

As for western meals, our group had the opportunity to dine in local restaurants in three of the major cities in Eastern Europe - Yummy food awaits you, very tempting so just eat & enjoy !

Pork Knuckle
Ice Cream Chocolate Cakes
Vegetable Soup
Grilled Fish Fillets
Deep Fried Chicken Fillets
Cake topped with jelly
Apple Pie

4) One for the Album - all our dreams of seeing Eastern Europe have been fulfilled at this moment, though in certain Eastern Europe cities, I had been there once or twice !

4) Flowers blooming during the late Spring season in Eastern Europe; the sound of music can be heard from a mountain village in Salzburg not far away ! No wonder the flowers here bloom so well !

5) Beautiful Bridges, River Banks & Rivers in Eastern Europe - no wonder millions of tourists flock to Eastern Europe for sightseeing & holidays !

UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Eastern Europe - after posting all the pictures I had taken in this trip, I only come to realize that our tour group had visited a total of 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites mainly from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary & Austria - what a great outcome !

1) Historic Centre of Prague - Czech Republic

2) Centennial Hall, Wroclaw - Poland

3) Historic Centre of Warsaw - Poland

4) Historic Centre of Krakow - Poland

5) Wieliczka Salt Mines, Krakow - Poland

6) Budapest, including the Banks of Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter & Andrassy Avenue - Hungary

7) Palace & Gardens of Schrobun - Austria

8) Historic Centre of Vienna - Austria

9) Historic Centre of Salzburg - Austria

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