Sunday, June 11, 2017

D-7 Krakow, Poland & Brastilava, Slovakia 2017

Day 7 Sightseeing - Roystar Travel itinerary quotes " Morning guided sight seeing in Krakow includes Wavel Hill & Castle, a stunning series of buildings including a heavily fortified castle, Royal Palace & House of Court. After that take a stroll along the streets of the Old Town,. The Main Market Square is the largest medieval town square in all of Europe and is one impressive square. Every street & every square here lives its own life manifest in its cafes, stores, galleries, assorted culture venues and public institutions. Later continue travel to Bratislava castle for outside view, passing the futuristic Slovak Uprising Bridge & the Danude River, continue to St Michael's gate "

Distance from Krakow to Bratislava - 454km

Krakow, Poland

1) Wavel Hill & Castle, Krakow - Poland

2) Old Town, Krakow - Poland

3) The Main Market Square, Krakow - Poland

4) Wavel Royal Palace, Krakow - Poland

Bratislava, Slovakia

1) Old Town, Bratislava

2) St Michael's Gate, Bratislava

Day 7 - Meals in Bratislava

1) Buffet Breakfast at Interhouse Hotel, Krakow

2) Lunch at own expense &amp ;3) Dinner in Hotel Bratislava

Day 7 - No 6th night hotel accommodation in Hotel Bratislava

My Good Old Days Backpacking to Poland & Bratislava

" Don't judge yourself by the PAST, you don't live them anymore " 

Warsaw, Poland (2010)

Krakow, Poland - Auschwitz Concentration Camp (2010)

Krakow, Poland (2009)

Bratislava, Slovakia (2010)

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