Thursday, November 18, 2010

D2 - Bangkok / Pattaya Friday 12/11/2010

We had a solid tour program on the 2nd day.

Floating market in the morning, Spiracha Tiger and Crocodile Farm shows in the afternoon and Alcazar (transvestite) show in the evening (21.30).

Not to mention a 9 course set lunch at a mega restaurant awarded by the Guinness Book of Records and a dinner served with king lobster salad, shark fins and bird nest soup. Yummy, yummy ....... sound like a happy birthday treat for all our tour members in the group !

Our longest day in Pattaya, a city never sleep ! Night owls, happy hours, dance clubs, sex tourists, live Tiger & 6996 sex show (adults under 18 prohibited but senior citizens are most welcome), Drinking street - all these will energise your souls !

1) Damnoensaduak Floating Market, Bangkok - We paid 250Bht for this boat ride (own expense). Not to be missed as it was quite a fun when our boat manoeuvred and bumped into petty traders plying their food and souvenirs on boats and on both side of the river.

2) Salt Farming - Thailand has an established SMI salt industry; our bus passing by some salt farms in Bangkok rural areas. Not surprising, some of our table and industrial salt could probably imported from Thailand.

3) Lunch at Royal Dragon Restaurant, Bangkok - Voted as the world's largest restaurant by the Guiness Book of Records in 1992 (opened in Oct 1991 with seating capacity of 5,000; staff of 1,200 and occupied 8.35 acres). Tom Yam soup, deep fried fish, roasted chicken, stir-fried Kailan, mixed vegetables, taufoo - a 9 course wholesome set lunch to whet our appetite ! The worms in our stomach had a jolly good time !

4) Spriracha Tiger Zoo & Crocodile Farm, Bangkok - Exciting, thrilling and very entertaining - not a dull moment ! Live tiger performance, pig racing, crocodile shows etc. Do you dare to place your head into the crocodile's mouth ? Good luck for those who dare.

5) Dinner time - As featured in Golden Deluxe travel agency's flyer, our tour group had a "grand" dinner served with king lobster salad, shark fin & bird nest soup for this evening - I wondered how much this dinner meal costs ? I did not bother to ask the tour guide, I just eat and enjoy the food ! For sure, this dinner meal could not be served in Malaysia for a 5 day RM800 tour package covering KL & Langkawi (to include 3-4 star hotels and all ground transport) ! Thailand boleh-lah !!

6) Alcazar show, Pattaya - we paid 600Bht to see this show (own expense). Highly recommended. Transvestites dressed in colorful national costume of various countries eg Thai, Malaysia, China, Korea, India, Vietnam etc put up their best cultural performances in front of a packed crowd, mainly overseas tourists.

" Oh, I loved Pattaya ! Lonely Planet described Pattaya as a lucrative cocktail of sun, sand & sex. Where have all the American GI's gone ? Gone with the wind ! No worry, we still have the overseas tourists, Malaysians in particular, to support, wine and dine with you !

If you are hungry, not for sex, how about enjoying a drumstick of a new Japanese spicy Tom Yum fried chicken (39 Bht) for supper after burning mid-night oil in Pattaya ?

The Secrets of Life : Be bold when you lose and be calm when you win"

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