Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Malaysia (Selangor) Chinese New Year - Ex-Collegues Reunited 2018

" Memories are made when gathered around a table in a dining room named the Song Dynasty "

" Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends "

" Reunited & it feels so good "

Ex-colleagues Reunion in the year of the Dog !

The 5th day of the Chinese New Year 2018 brought 16 of my ex-colleagues who served with a diplomatic mission in Kuala Lumpur / Singapore together during the 1970 - 2010 period ! This was our 3rd Reunion dinner in Kuala Lumpur and a special thanks to Rosemary Wong who once again volunteered to organize this CNY dinner - good food, good company and bringing us back to remember the good old days when all of us were working as colleagues once upon a time from young to retirement and others who left the organization earlier to seek greener pastures elsewhere for a living ! Also a great thank you to Andrew, Margaret & Lee Ling who flew from Singapore to join us for this CNY dinner. 

Though some of us are in our golden years with grey hairs but we were all in high spirits for this auspicious occasion to celebrate this reunion dinner during the Chinese New Year at the Jaya Palace restaurant, Petaling Jaya - wine & dine for 3-4 hrs just to make this get-together a memorable one for many years to come !  

Ex-colleagues who attended this reunion dinner last night were Rosmary Wong, Lolly, Carol, K M Cheng, Sook Chee, Irene, Lisa, Goh, Andrew, Margaret, Lee Ling, Siew Yoke Mei, Jennifer, Ryan, Parminder Kaur & Letchumi. 

Phillip Eu, Nellie, Linda Law, Sharin Gan & Shen Ho were not able to attend as some of them were overseas or had other family commitments but we look forward to seeing them to join us in our next reunion dinner in 2019 ! But in the meantime just stay in touch ! No doubt, all of us will be "barking" for more of these reunion dinners in the years ahead ! 

1) CNY Reunion Dinner with my Ex-Colleagues - Tuesday 20th Feb 2018 (5th Day of the Chinese New Year) - the magnificent 16 who attended ! 

2) Venue: Restoran Jaya Palace, Wisma LKY, Jalan 51A/223, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

3) Dining Room: Song Dynasty - wine & dine from 18.00 > 21.30 and chatting all about our good old days ....... 

4) One for the Album - capturing the moment ! 

5) Yu Sang - a raw fish salad, a CNY tradition ! Toast to a healthy life for all ! 

6) CNY Main Course Dinner - yummy yummy food for our eating pleasure ! 

My Good Old Days with my ex-colleagues - we were the Young Ones ! Young is Gold but Old is super Gold likes Nescafe Classic with a strong aroma ! 

Are you a Nescafe Classic coffee lover ?

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